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Welcome to my class!
The resource room classes in are designed for students with academic skills that are significantly below grade level, thus requiring specialized instruction. This instruction includes remedial skill development, selected grade level content standards, slower pacing for assignments, and individual computer programs. 
The resource room approach allows students to develop skills to improve current course performance, and also build a foundation for future work and academic skills. A strong emphasis is placed on reading fluency from choice books, writing summaries, and non-calculator math operational fluency. Ultimately, we want to develop students that can read, write, and calculate as fluently as possible.

Daily Schedule
Inclusion Foundations Alg. II 8:10-8:56
Resource Room Math IV 9:00-9:46
Lunch 9:50-10:36
4thInclusion Physical Science 10:40-11:26
Resource Room Science 11:30-12:16
Plan 12:20-1:06
Resource Room Government 1:10-1:56
Inclusion Foundations Alg. II 2:00-2:46