Mr. Gibeaut's Website

Welcome to my AP or General Psychology class!

The more things change, the more they stay the same: learning should be fun, and as with anything in life, the odds of educational success are increased from hard work, organization, and repetition.

I am typically available to provide my students additional help during my plan period, before school (7:20 AM - 8:05), during my 3rd period Study Hall or my 8th period Plan period, and even during my lunch/plan.

Most of the pertinent information for my students will be in the 'files' (organized into handouts and PowerPoints). I no longer utilize the calendar function since students never referred to this page; monthly calendars of assignments and topics will be distributed in class.

Daily Schedule

0 period: Collaboration

1st period: AP Psychology

2nd period: General Psychology

3rd period: Study Hall

4th period: General Psychology

5th period: AP Psychology

6th period: Lunch

7th period: General Psychology

8th period: Plan