Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible

As a physical educator I firmly believe that in order for a student to be successful they must have a holistic education.  Physical education is no exception and is a necessary feature of a well-rounded education.  Physical education is the tool that fully develops students in the learning process and helps them mature as healthy and intelligent individuals.           

Students will learn to value and appreciate the components of physical education with the use of lesson plans that outline the importance of muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition, the components of physical fitness.

I expect my students to be responsible for their action and their learning.  In cooperation with my students I will make every effort to help them succeed in the classroom.  My target as a teacher is to provide students with a classroom that presents equal opportunity for students of all skill levels for the advancement of their physical health.  With the use of respect, effort, self-direction and teamwork it is a classroom goal to become more aware of the benefits of living a physically active lifestyle. 

It is equally important that the classroom is enjoyable for all students to ensure that they maintain a lasting and beneficial desire to continue to pursue a physically active and healthy lifestyle outside of the classroom and later on into their lives.  Knowledge of physical activity benefits them as students and continuing to maintain that level of physical activity will benefit their physical fitness.

Daily Schedule
 1st/2ndNutrition I - OFHS
 3rd/4thDuty - OFHS 
 5th/6thPlanning - OFHS
 OFIS MondayTuesday  WednesdayThursday Friday 
11:10-11:50  Caso Vormelker Lunch Lunch J. Judson
11:50-12:30  Lunch Lunch Pojman Moore Raines
 12:30-1:10 Planning HarbAtkins  Schafer Lunch
 1:10-1:50Barylski  Eidam SwansonPlanning  Planning
 1:50-2:30Holzworth  Rodgers K. Judson Stanczak Pilko