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School of Ancient Language and Text Studies
The School of Ancient Language and Text Studies is chiefly concerned with research relating to the Ancient World, its languages and its material culture. The School houses leading authorities in Classical Latin and Greek, as well as the languages of the Ancient Near East, specifically the Aramaic and the Hebrew of the Tanach, but also Arabic, Accadian, Syriac, Ugaritic, and Old-Aramaic.
    The School of Ancient Language and Text Studies also has a strong interdisciplinary presence. The School encourages interdisciplinary postgraduate work in its Master’s programme and welcomes candidates from other fields of specialisation e.g. Law, Medicine, Pharmacology, Modern Literature with an interest and in ancient texts and culture. The School also presents short courses in Medical Terminology, Botanical Latin, Old Testament Studies and Mythology.
 Research Unit: 

Ancient History Association

Language Courses
Learn the language of the Pharaohs and Cultural History of the Egyptians.
Learn ancient Greek, the language of Classical thought and of the New Testament.Learn Latin, the lingua franca of academic communication from classical to modern times.
Learn the Hebrew of the Tenach and the Old Testament.

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Culture Courses
The School offers courses on ancient culture including Mythology, Art History and Literature. These courses may be taken as majors or as electives and lead to post-graduate programmes.
Learn the inner workings of plant nomenclature, from radiculum to folius.

Medical Terminology