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 DNApod provide the table of link information between DNApod ID ( SRA sample ID ) and public phenotype data.
 As of September 2015, DNApod collected phenotype data are the below. 

  •   NIAS (National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences) Genebank (http://www.gene.affrc.go.jp/about_en.php)
            Takeya M., Yamasaki F., Uzuhashi S., Aoki T., Sawada H., Nagai T., Tomioka K., Tomooka N., Sato T., Kawase M. (2011)
            NIASGBdb: NIAS Genebank databases for genetic resources and plant disease information. Nucleic Acids Res. 39: D1108–D1113 
  •   Rice Diversity (http://ricediversity.org/index.cfm) 
             44K SNP set
             Zhao K., Tung CW., Eizenga GC., Wright MH., Ali ML., Price AH., Norton GJ., Islam MR., Reynolds A., Mezey J., McClung AM., Bustamante CD., McCouch SR. (2011)  
             Genome-wide association mapping reveals a rich genetic architecture of complex traits in Oryza sativa. Nat Comm 2:467 
             1536 SNP set
             Zhao K, Wright M, Kimball J, Eizenga G, McClung A, Kovach M, Tyagi W, Ali ML, Tung CW, Reynolds A, Bustamante CD, McCouch SR (2010). 
             Genomic Diversity and Introgression in O. sativa Reveal the Impact of Domestication and Breeding on the Rice Genome. PLoS One. 2010; 5(5): e10780.

            Panicle Architecture
            Crowell S, Korniliev P, Falcão A, Ismail A, Gregorio G, Mezey J, McCouch S. (2016). 
            Genome-wide association and high-resolution phenotyping link Oryza sativa panicle traits to numerous trait-specific QTL clusters. Nature Comm 7:10527
           High Density Rice Array (HDRA, 700k SNPs)
           McCouch S, Wright M, Tung C, Maron LG, McNally K, Fitzgerald M, Singh N, DeClerck G, Agosto-Perez F, Korniliev P, Greenberg A, Naredo ME, Mercado SM, Harrington S, Shi Y, Branchini D, Kuser-Falcao P, Leung H, Ebana K, Yano M, Eizenga G, McClung A, Mezey J. (2015) 
           Open Access Resources for Genome Wide Association Mapping in Rice. Nature Comm 7:10532 

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