Call for Papers

The host institute welcomes the submission of papers that address the conference theme. Authors may consider any of the sub-themes listed below. Many of these sub-themes are continuing concerns on recurrent issues dealt by ACPES.

Physical Education




Administrative and Management

Sport Science

Sport Pedagogy

Sport Physiology

Sport Biomechanics

Sport Coaching and Training

Sport Management


Health Education

Public Health

Sport Nutrition 

Paper Submission and Acceptance

Third Call for Abstracts August 15, 2016
 Notice of Acceptance August 20, 2016
 Full Paper Submission August 25, 2016    

Guidelines for Abstract Submission:

1. Go to and create an account to make your submission.

2. Once logged in as an author, click on “New Submission on the upper left portion of your screen. Fill out the required fields on authors, abstract, and keywords.

3. Don’t forget to attach the file of your abstract in PDF format. This is important for your submission to be reviewed.

4. If the paper is submitted successfully, it will appear on your menu when you are logged in as an author. If you have a single submission, this will appear as “Submission #”. If you have more than one submission, you will see the menu tab “My Submissions”

5You may update your submission before deadline or start of review process. 

Guidelines for Poster Presentation:

        The size of the poster should be "80cm x 120cm". All posters will be allowed to present at the date and venue prepared. You may bring a portable stand for your poster. However, we will provide bulletin boards and necessary materials for setting the poster to be presented.

        The title of the project  and authors' names and affiliations should be clearly displayed at the top of poster. The poster should be self-explanatory and logically sequenced to allow easy reading. A possible sequencing of information could be: aims of research, methods and subjects involved, experimental tasks, important results, and main points in tables of figures. Font size used for the poster should allow easy reading from at least 1 meter away.

Please let us know the type of your participation:
a. Oral presentation 
b. Poster Presentation 
c. Abstract Inclusion in Proceedings  
d. Exhibition or demo at Traditional Sport & Game workshop 
e. Observer/Participant only