Welcome Back!

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It's great to have you in class this year. This website is one of our primary communication tools. From your class's Daily Goals page, you'll be able to keep track of assignments, learning goals, our calendar, and find links to other important sites. 

Your Daily Goals page is your launch page for class every day. You should be logged on and ready to go when the bell rings. 

Let's have a great year! 


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2014-15 Students: Nothing below this entry applies to you. The news and items below are all from previous year's classes. 

Grading Chart

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The chart below shows how letter grades will be assigned at the end of each nine weeks :

Grading Chart

Welcome to the New Year!

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It's great to be back! 

To stay on top of what's happening in class, please check the calendar on each class's homepage, available through the links above.  In addition, please consider following our classroom Twitter page @CatonsClass for timely updates and reminders on assignments, due dates, and other important class information. 

Some important notes: 

1 ) Summer Reading:  More than ever before, summer reading will be a major part of our class work in the first nine weeks. The official "due date" for finishing your book is Sept. 6, but we'll be starting our summer reading-related research papers this week.  If you've not started, get reading: Faking it just won't be an option this year. 

2) New grading procedures: This year, we're using a more learning-focused and communicative grading system than ever before.  Detailed information can be found on each  course syllabus, but a quick overview can be found here:  Grading and Edline Report Overview

For more information on grades and grading, Mr. Weaver has highlighted the changes to our policy here:  Grades & Grading: http://youtu.be/_sNRx7apva4

3) Academic Overtime: This is a new program at the high school that will help all students complete every assignment.  If you miss a deadline or are behind on assignment, you will be assigned to stay after school for one hour on Tuesday or Thursday to get caught up.  Mr. Weaver has provided more info here:  Academic Overtime: http://youtu.be/HNRHH-WLD78

Looking forward to a great 2013-14 school year! 

The End!

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Welcome Back!

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Happy New Year! 

It's good to be back after a wonderfully long winter break. I hope you're refreshed and ready to get back to work! 

With two weeks to go before the end of the nine weeks, it's important to make sure our major assignments are completed, and completed to the best of our ability.  Specifically, this means your research paper. Grades for all final papers are available now on Edline, if you're unsatisfied with your grade, here's what you should do:

1) Have you submitted a works cited page? Many did not. Check the style guide! 

2) Did you include parenthetical citations to show where you got your information. Check the style guide! 

3) If you would like to revise your paper for an improved grade, here is what you need to do:
  • Make whatever improvements or changes you need to make in your paper. Please use the "comments" feature of Google Docs to highlight and explain any changes you've made from the draft I graded. 
  • Turn in your revision using the turn-in page and the "Research Paper REVISION" tab
4) Please submit any revisions or the final paper by Jan. 11, so I have time to reassess them and put them in the gradebook before the end of the nine weeks. 

Questions? Come see me! 

9th Graders . . . research papers?

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If you haven't turned in your research paper yet, time is running short. The farther we move away from working on them together in class, the less likely the chances are that you'll be successful.  Without a research paper final outline and completed final draft, you cannot pass English 9. You will be incomplete until you submit it. Let's get it done before you leave for winter break!

The countdown begins. . .

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Perhaps you've noticed that it is no longer September. It is, in fact, October. And why is October important? Because it's the month before National Novel Writing Month, the greatest writing event in the history of the universe! 

National Novel Writing Month is a writing challenge that asks you to craft a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days. Think you can't do it? Dozens of Licking Valley students have hit that word count and achieved noveling immortality. 

Imagine this: By December 1, you could begin introducing yourself like this: "Hello, I'm [Student Name], novelist." 

Thinking about writing with us this November? Check out http://nanowrimo.org/ and sign up for an account. Then start planning. What kind of novel do you want to write? What trials and adventures do you have in store for your sure-to-be-incredible-to-read-about main character? 

It's the greatest experience I've ever had as a writer, and I hope you're brave enough to give it a shot. Now, stop bothering me so I can plan my novel!  :)

Summer Reading Test -- One Week Away!

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If you've not yet finished your summer reading book, time is slipping away. Your summer reading test will take place during homeroom, Tuesday, Sept. 25. 

Keep in mind that your summer reading test counts for 5% of your grade for the first nine weeks. 

Questions? Ask!

A Note on Grades

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We're finally starting to get into the routine of things in room 221, and with that comes our first grades up on Edline. 

In my class, grades are weighted. That means that tests and essays  are worth more than quizzes, and quizzes are worth more than participation grades.  What I've learned over the years is that weighting the grades gives a more clear picture of students' learning in my classes.  For instance, students can cover up several poor performances on longer writing assignments by completing all the basic participation work. At the end of the nine weeks, I feel the grade is reflective of what a student has learned in English.

What weighted grades means for you is that, when you look at your grades on Edline, you can't just add up your scores and divide it by the total points.  Instead, you'll have to rely on the subtotal at the bottom of the Edline report to see the overall score.  Also, early in the semester, grades can seem skewed because we have fewer total grade s. That will begin to even itself out as we get further along in the nine weeks. 

If you have any questions about grades or other matters, don't hesitate to contact me. Feel free to email me or use our class social media sites to get in touch with me. Thanks!

Mr. Caton

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