- Adventure Training (Field Meet/Raider Challenge/Orienteering)

a. Field Meet

The Field Meet Team competes in physical and military tasks at competitions against other JROTC programs. Usually in 2nd Semester

Field Meet 23 March 2019 

  • Mud Run (4 members)        
  • Land Navigation (4 members)
  • Primitive Weapons (2 members)
  • Challenge Course (6 members)
  • Fire Starting (2 members)
  • Tug of War (10 members)

Field Meet 2018 Champions!

  • Congratulations to our Field Meet Team for Winning the Tri-Service JROTC Field Meet (10 Mar)! Six other schools competed and we placed 1st in the Mud Run, the Challenge Course, and the Tug of War; 2nd in Primitive Weapons, 4th in Fire Starting, and the Land Navigation Team ended up in a swamp somewhere . It was such a great day!
SJHS JROTC winning 2018 Field Meet                                       Challenge Course Team on Australian Trolley                                    Mud Pit on Challenge Course

b. Raider Challenge

            Raider Challenge is a very popular athletic competition held within Junior ROTC programs around the United States. It is the Junior ROTC equivalent of the Army ROTC "Ranger" competition in college, only far less dangerous but very challenging as well! The events are held outdoors in state parks or large expansive wooded areas. The better competitions have plenty of parking and sleeping areas for spectators and participants on-site, as well as concessions and other amenities to make the event fun for all.
Team Composition: Teams will be made up of 9 raider team members. Only 8 cadets can compete in each event. The extra team member can only be traded out at the discretion of the team captain between events. The same eight that start an event must finish that event.

Team placement will be in one of two divisions 
1) Mixed Division – Teams will be considered mixed if the team has a minimum 4 females of the 9 raiders.
2) Male Division – Teams will be placed in the male division if the team as less than four females on a team.

There are traditionally 5 events in a Raider Challenge Competition: 
  1. Modified Army Physical Fitness Test: The APFT consists of 2 minutes of pushups, 2 minutes of sit-ups, and a 1 mile run.                                 OR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Team Physical Fitness Challenge: Approximately 800 meter course consisting of: Low Crawl, Wall, Carry items (5 gallon water jugs), Heavy Item (log or boat).
  2. Litter Carry: Course to be explained onsite
  3. One Rope Bridge: 
  4.  5K Road March: 9 Members can participate in this event with the option to complete with only 8 without penalty. Guidon not broken down and carried by the team
  5. Optional event: Humvee Pull, Logistics Relay, Knot Tying Realy, Fireman's Carry Relay    
c. Orienteering
         The Orienteering Team uses navigational skills with a map and compass to navigate from point to point in diverse and usually unfamiliar terrain, moving at as fast as possible against other JROTC programs. Consists of 2-4 members.
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Jan 4, 2019, 12:26 PM