- Honor Guard

  • Best representatives of each company; 2-6 members per company (aprox 10-12 total)
  • Represents JROTC and the school at events, tours
  • Makes up Saber team for JROTC and school events
  • Must support minimum of 1 Community Service Event or Parade during the semester


1st Semester SY 20-21

Caleb Cox, Tristan Hudak, Savannah Jaquays-Hurley, Mason Marlowe, Alex Och, Quentin Myers, Drake Bailey, Garrett Sanders, Christos Georgakopoulos

2nd Semester SY 19-20

Alpha Company: Garrett Sanders, Caleb Cox, Tristan Hudak; Probationary: Devon Mazariego, Savannah Jaquays-Hurley

Bravo Company: Mason Marlowe (Captain), Alex Och (Vice Captain), Jefferson McCrory, Quentin Myers, Emma Moore

Charlie Company: Jacob Prete, Drake Bailey, Christos Georgakopoulos; Probationary: Kevin Haynes; Tara Moloney (Honor Guard Manager)

1st Semester SY 19-20

Alpha Company: Jefferson McCrory (Co-Captain), Mason Marlowe (Vice Captain), Alex Och, Justin Gardiner, Tristan Hudak, Athena Matyas

Bravo Company: Caleb Cox, Kevin Haynes

Charlie Company: Jacob Prete (Co-Captain), Drake Bailey, Emma Moore, Quentin Myers, Garrett Sanders; Probationary: Allison Beyersdorf

2nd Semester SY 18-19

Alpha Company: Caleb Cox, Probationary: Hannah Kraus

Bravo Company: Mason Marlowe (Vice Captain), Christopher Walker, James Beaulieu, Probationary: Jacqueline Kyler

Charlie Company: Jefferson McCrory (Captain), Robert Beaulieu, Kevin Haynes, Garrett Sanders, Drake Bailey, Justin Gardiner

1st Semester SY 18-19

Alpha Company: Christopher Walker (Co-Captain), Caleb Cox

Bravo Company: Kevin Haynes (Vice Captain), Jefferson McCrory; Probationary: Garrett Sanders

Charlie Company: Jacob Prete (Co-Captain), Mason Marlowe; Probationary: Alex Och

1st sem selectees get a ribbon, 2nd: a ribbon attachment, 3rd: Arc and ACU tab, 4th: Honor Guard Cord.

See Cadet Handbook for further detail