- Honor Guard

  • Best representatives of each company; 2-6 members per company (approx 10-12 total)
  • Represents JROTC and the school at events, tours
  • Makes up Saber team for JROTC and school events
  • Must support a minimum of 1 Community Service Event or Parade during the semester
  • Probationary members are members of the Honor Guard, but may need additional development.  They get OML points, but not the awards associated with being on Honor Guard.

2nd Semester SY 21-22

Alpha Company: Cameron Nichols (Captain), Mason Tompkins. Probationary: Alexia Geathers, Howard Barber, Austin ReyesHoffer

Bravo Company: Ian McFarland (Vice-Captain), Logan McDonald, Jaxon Kreinbrink. Probationary: Kevin Del Bosco

Charlie Company: Allison Beyersdorf, Sean Bowker, Kyle Leslie. Probationary: Charlee Presti, Haylee Miller, Mia Randall, Kacie Marcus

Honor Guard Manager: Dennis Rosa

1st Semester SY 21-22

Cameron Nichols (Captain), Ian McFarland (Vice-Captain), Kacie Marcus, Nathan Smith, Kevin Del Bosco, Luca Budgett; Probationary: Alexander Hewett, Logan McDonald, Kristian Shoemaker; Honor Guard Manager: Alyssa Trudeau

2nd Semester SY 20-21

Mason Marlowe (Captain), Caleb Cox (Vice-Captain), Tristan Hudak, Alex Och, Quentin Myers, Cameron Nichols; Probationary: Nathan Smith, Alana Mireles, and Aaron Kittok; Honor Guard Manager: Hannah Kraus

1st Semester SY 20-21

Caleb Cox, Tristan Hudak, Savannah Jaquays-Hurley, Mason Marlowe (Captain), Alex Och, Quentin Myers, Drake Bailey, Garrett Sanders, Christos Georgakopoulos

2nd Semester SY 19-20

Alpha Company: Garrett Sanders, Caleb Cox, Tristan Hudak; Probationary: Devon Mazariego, Savannah Jaquays-Hurley

Bravo Company: Mason Marlowe (Captain), Alex Och (Vice-Captain), Jefferson McCrory, Quentin Myers, Emma Moore

Charlie Company: Jacob Prete, Drake Bailey, Christos Georgakopoulos; Probationary: Kevin Haynes; Tara Moloney (Honor Guard Manager)

1st Semester SY 19-20

Alpha Company: Jefferson McCrory (Co-Captain), Mason Marlowe (Vice-Captain), Alex Och, Justin Gardiner, Tristan Hudak, Athena Matyas

Bravo Company: Caleb Cox, Kevin Haynes

Charlie Company: Jacob Prete (Co-Captain), Drake Bailey, Emma Moore, Quentin Myers, Garrett Sanders; Probationary: Allison Beyersdorf

2nd Semester SY 18-19

Alpha Company: Caleb Cox, Probationary: Hannah Kraus

Bravo Company: Mason Marlowe (Vice-Captain), Christopher Walker, James Beaulieu, Probationary: Jacqueline Kyler

Charlie Company: Jefferson McCrory (Captain), Robert Beaulieu, Kevin Haynes, Garrett Sanders, Drake Bailey, Justin Gardiner

1st sem selectees get a ribbon, 2nd: a ribbon attachment, 3rd: Arc and ACU tab, 4th: Honor Guard Cord.

See Cadet Handbook for further detail