- Drill Teams

Drill teams consist of Varsity and Junior Varsity each except for the Exhibition Team. There are 4 teams; Armed, Unarmed, Exhibition, and Color Guard.  There Are Platoon and Squad teams for Armed, Unarmed, and Exhibition.  Armed also includes a Platoon Inspection Platoon and Exhibition includes an Armed and Unarmed Exhibition Platoons.                                                                                                                                   
The competitive drill team competes in 3-4 meets per year against other Army programs.                                                                                                       St. James Drill Meet Champions SY 17-18

Varsity and JV teams are awarded ribbons, arcs, and cords (see Award Criteria).

We have been regional Drill Team Champions 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 (there was some controversy in 2017)

This Year we are intending to compete at the State Drill Meet on 1 December in Columbia.

There are opportunities for the team to travel to the State Drill Championships, Brigade Championships, and Nationals.

Practice Schedule 3:30-5:30:
Monday: Unarmed
Tuesday: Armed
Thursday: Exhibition
Friday: Color Guard

Drill Meets:
Sat, 17 Nov: Home Drill Meet!
Sat, 15 Dec: DCIS Drill Meet

Sat, 1 Dec: State Drill Meet, Airport HS (Columbia); Only Varsity teams

Armed Drill Team
Comprised of Drill and Ceremony w/Replica Springfield 1903 rifles

Armed and Inspection Platoon (13 Cadets, 2 alternates)
Team Captain: William Hull, Vice Captain: Christopher Walker (Armed Inspection Captain); members: Mason Marlowe, Jame Beaulieu, Jacob Prete, Drake Bailey, Justin Gardiner, Jefferson McCrory, Quentin Myers, Dennis Lippert, John Kongsaisy, Luke Geddie, Alex Och; Alternates: Matthew McClain and Brayden Adams
Varsity Squad (7 Cadets, 1 alternate)
Team Captain: Christopher Walker; Vice Captain: William Hull; members: Jacob Prete, James Beaulieu, Mason Marlowe, Dennis Lippert, Justin Gardiner; Alternates: Jefferson McCrory
JV Squad (7 Cadets)
Team Captain: Jefferson McCrory; Vice Captain: x; members: Luke Geddie, Drake Bailey, Quentin Myers, John Kongsaisy, Alex Och, Matthew Mcclain

Unarmed Drill Team 
Comprised of Drill and Ceremony marching

Platoon (13 Cadets, 2 alternates)
Team Captain: Mason Marlowe, Vice Captain: x; members: James Beaulieu, Jacob Prete, Jolie Ann Dominguez, William Hull, Justin Gardiner, Quentin Myers, Hannah Kraus, Alana Mireles, Christopher Walker, Alex Och, Mackenzie Squires, and Virginia George; Alternates: Angelina Altadonna and Meghan Messer.
Varsity Squad (7 Cadets, 1 alternate)
Team Captain: Jolie Ann Dominguez, Vice Captain: x; members: Christopher Walker, James Beaulieu, Jacob Prete, William Hull, Mason Marlowe, and Alex Och; Alternates: Justin Gardiner
JV Squad (7 Cadets)
Team Captain: Hannah Kraus, Vice Captain: Justin Gardiner; members: Quentin Meyers, Alana Mireles, Mackenzie Squires, Angelina Altadonna, and Meghan Messer.

Color Guard Team

Comprised of 4 members: State flag, National Flag, 2x riflemen

Competition Team: Captain: James Beaulieu; members: Christopher Walker,  Robert Beaulieu, Kevin Haynes; Alternate: Caleb Cox

Ceremonial Team 1: Team Captain:  Kevin Haynes; members: Caleb Cox, Garrett Sanders, John Kongsaisy; Alternate: Alex Och

Ceremonial Team 2: Team Captain: Caleb Cox;  members: Jackie Kyler, Alex Tate, Alex Och;  Alternates: Brayden Miller, Kenneth Shealy

Armed Exhibition Team 
Comprised of tosses, spins, fancy routines using replica Springfield 1903 rifles

Squad (7 Cadets, 2 alternates)
Team Captain: Jacob Prete; Vice Captain: x; members: James Beaulieu, Christopher Walker, William Hull, Garrett Sanders, Justin Gardiner, Alex Och; Alternates: Austin Baumgardner, Mason Marlowe

SY 2016-2017 St. James Drill Meet Champions                   Color Guard Aynor Drill Meet SY 17-18                            Regional Championship SY 17-18 Dillon Drill Meet
Scott Bartley,
Aug 2, 2018, 5:56 PM