- JROTC Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) 2023

Camp Carolina JCLC is a 7 day JROTC summer camp held at Fort Jackson, SC where approximately 900 Cadets from majority of the South Carolina Army JROTC programs will meet.  Cadets will be fully engaged in activities such as rappelling, canoeing, obstacle courses, zip lines, orienteering, drill and ceremonies, and various other team building events. The intent is to challenge cadets in an austere environment and develop their leadership, communication, and social skills.

For 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 SJHS has had Distinguished Honor Cadets (top 3) out over 900+ Cadets.  (2020 cancelled, 2021-Horry County mini-JCLC)

JCLC SY 22-23 will be held at Fort Jackson, SC, tentatively, from 4-10 Jun 23 (Sun-Sat). We historically are given 24 slots for SJHS Army JROTC. 

If interested in being a female chaperone (above the age of 21), please contact SFC Currie or LTC Bartley. There is no cost and a small monetary stipend will be provided.



-Cadet must be in good academic/discipline standing with the School and the Battalion

-Cadet must willingly participate in PT and achieve a high level of physical fitness

-Cadet must not possess a health condition that jeopardizes their safety and well-being; must obtain waiver for medication or medical issues

-Cadet must commit to returning to the JROTC program the following school year

Any Cadets that have medical issues or take prescribed medications will require a waiver.  No over the counter medicine will be allowed to be taken unless approved thru a waiver.

Requirements for a Waiver (must be turned in to LTC Bartley NLT 24 Mar 23):
-A Doctors note (on their letterhead) explaining the medical issues/medications and what they are for.  Will also have to recommend attendance to JCLC understanding the physical demands that are associated with JCLC
-Parent/Guardian's note/letter granting permission of their Cadet attending JCLC.
-Consent to Medical Treatment form (IN JCLC FORMS PACKET)
-State of Physical Condition (IN JCLC FORMS PACKET)

For Cadets that do not require a waiver (must be turned in by 29 Apr 23); all forms are attached at bottom:
-Consent to Medical Treatment
-State of Physcial Condition
-Annual JCLC-Carolina In/Out Processing form
-Cadet Information
-Covenant not to sue
-DD Form 2870 (Authorization for Disclosure of Medical or Dental Information)
-Contract of Release and Waiver of Liability
-Cadet T-shirt size and Parent text phone number form
-Two envelopes w/name of Cadet on the outside; w/3x5 note card w/Cadet SSN on card (for medical/dental); will be shredded if not used

There will be an highly recommended parents meeting for the trip on 25 May 2023 at 6:00 pm in the JROTC classrooms.
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