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Aaron Derr, English
Aaron Seider, Classics
Adam Davis, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Adele Parker, Modern Languages and Literatures
Adriana DiPasquale, Counseling Center
Ahmed Elewa, Modern Languages and Literatures
Alan Avery-Peck, Religious Studies
Alan Bebka, Public Safety
Alan Karass, Library
Albert Atkocius, Information Technology Services
Alessandro Camarra, Library
Alex Dion, Post Office
Alice Howe, Library
Alice Laffey, Religious Studies
Alice Resker, Music
Alice Swett, Development
Ali Hendrickson, Residence Life and Housing
Alisa DeStefano, Mathematics and Computer Science
Alison Bryant Ludden, Psychology
Alison Smith Mangiero, Political Science
Alo Basu, Psychology
Amanda Beaver, Development
Amanda Kelley, Athletic Department
Amanda Luyster, Visual Arts
Amber Hupp, Chemistry
Ambroise Kom, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Amy Adams, Modern Languages and Literatures
Amy Archambault, Visual Arts
Amy Marie Prior, Mathematics and Computer Science
Amy Stolarczyk, Controller's Office
Amy Vos, Athletic Department
Amy Wolfson, Psychology
Ana Alvarado, Development
Anais Miegeville, Modern Languages and Literatures
Andrea Borghini, Philosophy
Andrea Pasin Gonzalez, Modern Languages and Literatures
Andre Isaacs, Chemistry
Andre Mailhot, Information Technology Services
Andrew Carter, Admissions
Andrew Christensen, Dining Services
Andrew Gribbons, Public Safety
Andrew Hwang, Mathematics and Computer Science
Andrew Lambert, Library
Andrew McKenzie, Athletic Department
Anna Doyle,
Anne Barry, Information Technology Services
Ann MacGillivray, Dean of the College
Ann Marie Leshkowich, Sociology and Anthropology
Ann McDermott, Admissions
Ann McInerney, Athletic Department
Ann Zelesky, Athletic Department
Anson Isaacs, Naval Science
Anthony Cashman, Graduate Studies
Anthony Cerundolo, Athletic Department
Anthony Erz, Athletic Department
Anthony Kuzniewski, History
Anthony Sacovitch, Physics
Antoine Smith, Athletic Department
Antonet DeSouza-Goding, Chemistry
Antonia Carcelen-Estrada, Spanish
Ara Francis, Sociology and Anthropology
Arlie Corday, Development
Arthur Korandanis, Auxiliary Services
Arul Raja, Religious Studies
Ashley Dawson, Athletic Department
Asmaa Taha, Modern Languages and Literatures
Audra Carabetta, Theatre
Babette Mahoney, Economics
Baozhang He, Modern Languages and Literatures
Barbara Craig, Theatre
Barbara Dean, Office of Senior Vice President
Barbara Deyette, Public Safety
Barbara Germain, Health Services
Barbara Merolli, Library
Barry Paquin, Information Technology Services
Barry Parenteau, Athletic Department
Ben Cannon, DOS
Benjamin Jee, Psychology
Benjamin Kadamus, Student Affairs
Ben Kain, Physics
Bernadette Robertson, Registrar
Betsy O'Brien, Graphic Arts
Bianca Sculimbrene, Chemistry
Bill Gibbons, Athletic Department
B. Jeffrey Reno, Political Science
Blaise Nagy, Classics
Bob Henry, Information Technology Services
Bob Lahair, Chemistry
Bob Neville, Athletic Department
Brenda Hounsell Sullivan, Student Affairs
Brian Atkins, Athletic Department
Brian Bergeron, Information Technology Services
Brian Claypool, Athletic Department
Brian Hayes, Public Safety
Brian Linton, Chemistry
Brian Long, Naval Science
Brian Regan, Residence Life and Housing
Brian Sullivan, Information Technology Services
Brian Tweedie, Athletic Department
Bridget Franco, Spanish
Brion Dunlap, Athletic Department
Brittain Smith, Study Abroad
Brittany Keil, Athletics Department
Bruce Bunke, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Bryant Craft, Athletics
Caitlin Parry, Counseling Center
Caner Dagli, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Carl Johnson, Information Technology Services
Carol Herzog, Development
Caroline Johnson Hodge, Religious Studies
Caroline Kita, Modern Languages and Literatures
Caroline Yezer, Sociology and Anthropology
Carol Johnson, Human Resources
Carol Lieberman, Music
Carolyn Leeman, Auxiliary Services
Carolyn Richardson, Philosophy
Carolyn Sager, Library
Carrie Bowler, Development
Carrie Peck, Library
Casimir Kosciolek, Athletic Department
Cassie Gevry, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Catherine Dixon, Public Safety
Catherine Driscoll, Development
Catherine Dumas, Biology
Catherine Roberts, Mathematics and Computer Science
Cathi Goulet, Religious Studies
Cathleen Doane, Student Affairs
Cathryn Brubaker, Sociology and Anthropology
Chante Bonds, Athletic Department
Charles Anderton, Economics
Charles Baker, Modern Languages and Literatures
Charles Bare, Athletic Department
Charles Dunn, Development
Charles Estaphan, Controller's Office
Charles Gallagher, History
Charles Locurto, Psychology
Charles Spaziante, Public Safety
Charles Stanley, Student Affairs
Charles Thayer, Information Technology Services
Charles Weiss, Grants and Corporate and Foundation Giving
Cheryl Archambeault, Human Resources
Cheryl Davidson, Purchasing
Chris Gbandi, Athletic Department
Christene Riendeau, Development
Christian Santillo, Public Affairs
Christina Chen, Academic Services and Learning Resources
Christina Pattee, Library
Christine Clayton, Library
Christine Coch, English
Christine Gemme, Public Affairs
Christine Purington, Health Services
Christopher Barrett, Chaplains' Office
Christopher Dustin, Philosophy
Christopher Holmes, Men's Basketball
Christopher Nugai, Athletic Department
Christopher Parrott, Classics
Christopher Reinke, Naval Science
Christopher Ryan, Jesuit Community
Claudia Austin, Information Technology Services
Claudia Chierichini, Modern Languages and Literatures
Claudia Ross, Modern Languages and Literatures
Clayton Howard, History
Constance Royden, Mathematics and Computer Science
Cristal Steuer, Public Affairs
Cristina Ballantine, Mathematics and Computer Science
Cristi Rinklin, Visual Arts
C. William Cole, Investment Office
Cynthia Hayes, Naval Science
Cynthia Price, Public Safety
Cynthia Stone, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Daina Harvey, Sociology and Anthropology
Dakota Allosso, Athletic Department
Dania Khandaker,
Daniel Bitran, Psychology
Daniel DiCenso, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Daniel Engelstad, Athletic Department
Daniel Frost, Spanish
Daniel Klinghard, Political Science
Danielle Kane, Center for Religion  Ethics and Culture
Daniel McKeon, Athletic Department
Daniel Ricciardi, Investment Office
Daniel Weagle, Admissions
Darcie Dennigan, English
Darlene Colonna, Biology
Darlene Menz, Health Services
Darren Gallagher, Athletic Department
David Chu, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
David Damiano, Mathematics and Computer Science
David Everitt, Human Resources
David Fehn, Modern Languages and Literatures
David Gyscek, Visual Arts
David Karmon, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
David Mahaney, Athletic Department
David McKenna, Bookstore
David Pratt, Graphic Arts
David Schaefer, Political Science
David Schap, Economics
David Shettler, Information Technology Services
Debbie Neal, Dean of the College
Debby Aframe, Worcester Art Museum Library
Debora Cain, Health Services
Deborah Paquette, Human Resources
Debra Gettelman, English
Debra Konicki, Development
Debra O'Connor, Economics
Debra Wyszynski, Auxiliary Services
Denise Bell, Office of Assessment and Research
Denise Davies, Information Technology Services
Denise Schaeffer, Political Science
De-Ping Yang, Physics
Derek Alfama, Athletic Department
Derek Murphy, Information Technology Services
Derek Zuckerman, Student Life
Diana Antul, Library
Diana Biagini, Modern Languages and Literatures
Diana Leblanc, Library
Diane Fox, Sociology and Anthropology
Diane Gallagher, Library
Diane Girard, President's Office
Diane Jepson, Physics
Diane Obrycki, Controller's Office
Diane Soboski, Admissions
Dianne Cundiff, Information Technology Services
Dominic DiLorenzo, Naval Science
Donald Brand, Political Science
Donald White, Public Safety
Donna Borowski, Student Affairs
Donna Cranshaw, Investment Office
Donna Hamalainen, Development
Donna Hebert, Dean's Office
Donna Wrenn, Human Resources
Doreen Haverty, Admissions
Doreen Murzycki, Development
Dorothea Johnson, Graphic Arts
Dorothy Hauver, Administration and Finance
Dorothy Hogan, Bursar's Office
Dorothy Kelleher, Counseling Center
Doug McTigue, Central Stores
Doug Schutz, Bookstore
Earle Markey, Admissions
Edmond Zaccaria, Health Services
Edward Augustus  Jr., Government and Community Relations
Edward Isser, Theatre
Edward McDermott, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Edward O'Donnell, History
Edward Soares, Mathematics and Computer Science
Edward Stadig, Transportation
Edward Thompson, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Edward Vodoklys, Classics
Edwin Coolbaugh, Student Affairs
Egetta Alfonso, Athletic Department
Eileen Cravedi, Library
Eileen Dombrowski, Chaplains' Office
Eileen McCarron, Admissions
Elaine Hays, English
Elisabeth Solbakken, Modern Languages and Literatures
Elizabeth Dostoler, Registrar
Elizabeth Gribbons, Development
Elizabeth Inman, Spanish
Elizabeth Landis, Chemistry
Elizabeth Lockwood, Modern Languages and Literatures
Elizabeth Rice, Conference Services
Elizabeth Seidler, Economics
Ellen George, Administration and Finance
Ellen Keohane, Information Technology Services
Ellen Perry, Classics
Ellen Ryder, Public Affairs
Ellis Jones, Sociology and Anthropology
Erica Fretwell, English
Eric Culver, Music
Ericka Fisher, Education
Erik Filipiak, Political Science
Erin Mooney Phipps, Development
Erin Walker, Athletic Department
Estefania Rubio, Modern Languages and Literatures
Esther Levine, Spanish
Estrella Cibreiro, Spanish
Evan Gaudreau, Athletic Department
Evan Maloney, Student Affairs
Evelyn Cesary, Chemistry
Everett Carr, Information Technology Services
Faye Caouette, Montserrat
Francine Keyes, Registrar
Francisca Garcia Amengual, Modern Languages and Literatures
Francisco Gago-Jover, Spanish
Frank Mastrandrea, Athletic Department
Frank Vellaccio, Office of Senior Vice President
Fran Taylor, Student Affairs
Gail Carter, Public Safety
Gail Hadad, Mathematics and Computer Science
Gareth Roberts, Mathematics and Computer Science
Gary Carskaddan, Development
Gary Chalifoux, Psychology
Gary DeAngelis, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
G. Earl Peace, Chemistry
George Hoffmann, Biology
George McHugh, Dining Services
Gerald Ferguson, Transportation
Gerald Sullivan, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Giovanni Spani, Modern Languages and Literatures
Gladden Pappin, Political Science
Gloria Villa, Admissions
Gregory DiCenzo, Athletic Department
Gregory Kelly, Investment Office
Gregory Lynch, Chaplains' Office
Greg Rodenhiser, Information Technology Services
Gudrun Krueger, Library
Gwenn Miller, History
Hans Mentzen, Chemistry
Harold Knapp, Information Technology Services
Heather Como, Counseling Center
Heather Dennis, Library
Heather Dudek, Information Technology Services
Heather Gelardi, Development
Heather Johnson, Education
Heather Lipp, Athletic Department
Heather Palmer, Alumni Development
Heather Welsh, Public Safety
Heikki Paadre, Information Technology Services
Helen Freear-Papio, Spanish
Helen Whall, English
Henry Roy, Graphic Arts
Holly Hunt, Educational Technology
Hussein Adam, Political Science
Isaac Tesfay, Student Affairs
Isabel Alvarez-Borland, Spanish
Isabel Castro, Spanish
Isabelle Jenkins, Chaplains' Office
ITS HELPDESK, Information Technology Services
Jack MacLeod, Controller's Office
Jack Schneider, Education
Jacqueline Peterson, Student Affairs
Jacqueline Schartner, Study Abroad
Jacquelyn Mushinsky, Library
James Barr, Athletic Department
James Cahill, Information Technology Services
James Christie, Music
James Corkery, Religious Studies
James Doyle, Biology
James Godwin, Naval Science
James Hayes, Chaplains' Office
James Healy, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
James Johnson, Philosophy
James Kee, English
James Kimble, Public Safety
James Lee, Naval
James McNamara, Public Safety
James Morrissey, Athletic Department
James Nickoloff, Religious Studies
James Noonan, Information Technology Services
James Powers, History
James Reynolds, Athletic Department
James Richardson, Admissions
James Sarkisian, Athletic Department
James Thorpe, Athletic Department
James Wrobel, Athletic Department
Jamie Herrick, Dean of the College
Jan Dodd, Development
Jane Corr, President's Office
Jane Jennette, Chemistry
Jane Reynolds, Student Affairs
Janet Fahnestock, Athletic Department
Janice MorganJones, Development
Janine Ferro, Athletic Department
Janine Shertzer, Physics
Janis DesMarais, Library
Jarrett Brown, English
Jason Guerriero, Athletic Department
Jason Smith, Athletic Department
Jay Levitan, Information Technology Services
Jean Evanowski, Political Science
Jean Leavitt, Human Resources
Jeannie LaPlatney, Study Abroad
Jeff Kane, Athletic Department
Jeff Oliver, Athletic Department
Jeffrey Bernstein, Philosophy
Jeffrey Dixon, Sociology and Anthropology
Jeffrey Gull, Controller's Office
Jeffrey Hunter, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Jennie Germann Molz, Sociology and Anthropology
Jennifer Connor, Bookstore
Jennifer DelRey, Disability Services
Jennifer DeLuca, Office of Student Involvement
Jennifer DiFranco, Alumni Development
Jennifer Donabed, English
Jennifer Gilmore, Information Technology Services
Jennifer Lieb, Political Science
Jennifer Malloy, Academic Services and Learning Resources
Jennifer Parks, Student Affairs
Jennifer Whipple, Athletic Department
Jeremiah O'Connor, Conference Services
Jerry Lembcke, Sociology and Anthropology
Jerry Maday, Public Safety
Jesse Anderson, Information Technology Services
Jessica Butler, History
Jessica Roffe, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Ji Hao, Modern Languges and Literatures
Jill Bloom, Counseling Center
Jimena Bermejo, Theatre
Jim Kavanagh, Athletic Department
Joana Maria Llofriu Busquets, Modern Languages and Literatures
Joan Anderson, Purchasing
Joanne Lovejoy, Dean of the College
Joanne O'Connor, Development
Joanne Pierce, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Joan Townsend, Theatre
Jodi Rymer, Biology
Joel Clark, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Johanna Reilly, Assistant Deans
Johanna Winant, English
John Anderson, Mathematics and Computer Science
John Arbuckle, Library
John Axelson, Psychology
John Bishop, Naval Science
John Buckingham, Information Technology Services
John Carter, Economics
John Cull, Spanish
John Donohue, Jesuit Community
John Gavin, Religious Studies
John Hamilton, Classics
John Hoogasian, Athletic Department
John-Joseph Marderosian, Library
John Little, Mathematics and Computer Science
John Manoussakis, Philosophy
John O'Connell, Economics
John Pirone, Modern Languages and Literatures
John Reboli, Visual Arts
John Savard, Jesuit Community
John Tardiff, Planning & Budget
Jonathan Mulrooney, English
Jonathan Young, History
Josep Alba-Salas, Spanish
Joseph Casasanto, Public Safety
Joseph Lawrence, Philosophy
Joseph Mullen, Public Safety
Josh Barriere, Public Safety
Joshua Farrell, Chemistry
Joshua Harmon, English
Joyce Gawlik, Collegium
Joyce O'Connor Davidson, Development
Joy Roger, Information Technology Services
Juan Lopera, Library
Juan Martin Cava, Modern Languages and Literatures
Juan Ramos, Spanish
Jude Kelley, Chemistry
Judith Chubb, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Judith Powell, Spanish
Judy Hannum, Planning & Budget
Julia Paxson, Biology
Julia Sanders, Admissions
Julia Severens, Library
Julie Reitter, Chemistry
Julie Roden, Biology
Julliana Jennings, Admissions
June Shen, Information Technology Services
Justin Hager, Athletic Department
Justin McAlister, Biology
Justin Poche, History
Justin Svec, Economics
Kaela Lee, Theatre
Kaithlyn Kayer, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Kaitlin Bevins, Student Affairs
Kaitlin Sullivan, Financial Aid
Karen Brosnihan, Information Technology Services
Karen Costa, Graphic Arts
Karen Harney, Development
Karen Hodgerney, Disability Services
Karen Kallio, Conference Services
Karen Kann, Dining Services
Karen Ober, Biology
Karen Paquin, Dean of the College
Karen Reilly, Library
Karen Todd, Center for Interdisciplanary and Special Studies
Karen Turner, History
Karsten Stueber, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Kate Mills, Public Safety
Kate Riley, Library
Kate Stewart, Admissions
Katherine Colby, Assistant Deans
Katherine Delehaunty, Development
Kathleen Bailen, Development
Kathleen Carney, Library
Kathleen Culley, Public Safety
Kathleen Madaus, Development
Kathleen Phipps, Graphic Arts
Kathleen Suchenski, Study Abroad
Kathleen Trice, Registrar
Katie Vadnais, Admissions
Katrina Patten, Admissions
Keith Jones, English
Keith Rockwood, Public Safety
Kelly Wolfe-Bellin, Biology
Kendy Hess, Philosophy
Kenneth Fairbanks, Conference Services
Kenneth Mills, Chemistry
Kenneth Prestwich, Biology
Kerstin Bean, Visual Arts
Kevan Donovan, Athletic Department
Kevin Leonard, Public Safety
Kevin Quinn, Chemistry
Kevin Robinson, Athletic Department
Kevin Walsh, Mathematics and Computer Science
K.J. Rawson, English
Kolleen Rask, Economics
Kristen Kearnan, Athletic Department
Kristine Maloney, Public Affairs
Kristopher Zelesky, Development
Kristyn Dyer, Development
Kurt Hultgren, Theatre
Laura Brand, Dining Services
Laura Cestari, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Laura Hibbler, Library
Laurel Wang, Administration and Finance
Lauren Buckley, Center for Interdisciplanary and Special Studies
Laurence Enjolras, Modern Languages and Literatures
Lauren Starr, Library
Laurie Drajesk, Dining Services
Laurie King, Mathematics and Computer Science
Lawrence Cahoone, Philosophy
Leah Cohen, English
Lee Rosario, Information Technology Services
Leila Philip, English
Leonard Clementi, Public Safety
Leon Claessens, Biology
Leslie Schomp, Visual Arts
Li-li Teng, Modern Languages and Literatures
Lillian Williams, Athletic Department
Linda Cooper, Health Services
Linda George, Athletic Department
Linda Oleski, Graphic Arts
Linda Paquette, Bookstore
Linda Walsh, Biology
Lindsay Piotti, Athletic Department
Lisa Fluet, English
Lisa Meola, Athletic Department
Lisa Postma, Library
Lisa VanDusen, Health Services
Lisa Villa, Library
Li-Ting Huang, Modern Languages and Literatures
Loren Cass, Political Science
Lorraine Attreed, History
Lorrie Jeskey, Information Technology Services
Lu-Ann Hennessy, Athletic Department
Lucille Cormier, Chaplains' Office
Lynda Cantin, Psychology
Lyndsay Johnson, Library
Lynn Caputo, Development
Lynne Herring, Human Resources
Lynne Lengel, Modern Languages and Literatures
Lynn Kremer, Theatre
Lynn Levesque, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies/CBL  Pre-Law
Lynn Verrecchia, Admissions
Lynn Walsh-Blair, Counseling Center
Mable Millner, Student Affairs
Madeline Gemme, Post Office
Madeline Vargas, Biology
Malgorzata Bartosiewicz, Bookstore
Marc Goodwin, Scociology and Anthropology
Marc Smick, Public Safety
Marcus Koolman, Athletic Department
Margaret Bramley, Development
Margaret Freije, Mathematics and Computer Science
Margaret Morrissey, Library
Margaret Nelson, Visual Arts
Margaret Post, Education
Margaret Quinn, Graphic Arts
Marguerite White, Visual Arts
Maria-Elisa Gallant, Development
Maria Fistik, Chemistry
Maria Maiquez Sanchez, Modern Languages and Literatures
Marianne Dugan, Controller's Office
Maria Rodrigues, Political Science
Marisa Iovino, Student Affairs
Mark Boucher, Central Stores
Mark Freeman, Psychology
Mark Hallahan, Psychology
Mark Lincicome, History
Mark Savolis, Library
Martha Sullivan, Health Services
Martin Kelly, Chaplains' Office
Mary Ann Healy, Philosophy
Marybeth Kearns-Barrett, Chaplains' Office
Mary Beth Pappie, Library
Mary Ebbott, Classics
Mary Ericson, Admissions
Maryette Stuart, Athletic Department
Mary Hobgood, Religious Studies
Mary-Jo Carlise, Human Resources
MaryKate McMaster, Library
Mary Moran, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Mary Moran, Library
Mary Morrisard-Larkin, Educational Technology
Mary Roche, Religious Studies
Mathew Schmalz, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Matthew Dinan, Political Science
Matthew Eggemeier, Religious Studies
Matthew Elliott, Counseling Center
Matthew Fanning, Athletic Department
Matthew Jaskot, Music
Matthew Kennis, Government and Community Relations
Matthew Koss, Physics
Matthew Pidgeon, Athletic Department
Maureen Consigli, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Maureen Dubois, Grants and Corporate and Foundation Giving
Maureen Kennedy, Human Resources
Maureen McCann, Public Safety
Maurice Geracht, English
May Sim, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Mea Costa, Development
Megan Fox-Kelly, Chaplains' Office
Megan Norton, Development
Megan Ober, Education
Melanie Samsel, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Melisa Jaquez, Student Affairs
Melissa Cutroni, Human Resources
Melissa Moore, Development
Melissa Weiner, Sociology and Anthropology
Melonie Alkhatib, Public Safety
Michael Beatty, Visual Arts
Michael Breault, Information Technology Services
Michael Carlson, Post Office
Michael Fazio, Public Safety
Michael Lochhead, Administration and Finance
Michael Nzuki, Public Safety
Michael Tarckini, Public Safety
Michael Vigeant, Public Safety
Michele Latour, Sociology and Anthropology
Michele Urso, Health Services
Michelle Mondoux, Biology
Michelle Richard, Controller's Office
Mike Leavitt, Student Live
Milan Brown, Athletics Department
Mildred Long, Controller's Office
Molly Mahan, Bursar's Office
Munya Munochiveyi, History
Nadine Knight, English
Nancy Andrews, Classics
Nancy Baldiga, Economics
Nancy Nelsen, Admissions
Nancy Olson, Athletic Department
Nancy Rice, Bookstore
Nancy Singleton, Library
Nannette Fitzgerald, Information Technology Services
Natalia Kuramina, Modern Languages and Literatures
Neal Lipsitz, Disability Services
Ned Overcasher, Bookstore
Neel Smith, Classics
Nicholas Albanese, Modern Languages and Lituratures
Nicholas French, Athletic Department
Nicholas Lezynski, Athletic Department
Nicholas Lowery, Student Affairs
Nicholas McKenzie, Student Affairs
Nicolas Ryan, Athletic Department
Nicole Lombardi, Student Affairs
Nicole Zervos, Admissions
Nikkya Jackson, Public Safety
Nikolas Markantonatos, Public Affairs
Nolan Samboy, Physics
Nuria Alvarez Perez, Modern Languages and Literatures
Olga Partan, Modern Languages and Literatures
OSI Office of Student Involvement, Office of Student Involvement
Paige Reynolds, English
Pamela Reponen, Public Affairs
Patricia Battista, Library
Patricia Bizzell, English
Patricia Christensen, Jesuit Community
Patricia Chuplis, Information Technology Services
Patricia Dagle, Library
Patricia Gately, Controller's Office
Patricia Halpin, Human Resources
Patricia Haylon, Development
Patricia Hinchliffe, Center for Religion  Ethics and Culture
Patricia Johnston, Visual Arts
Patricia Kramer, Psychology
Patricia Lemerise, Public Safety
Patricia Maher, Planning & Budget
Patricia McKeen, Admissions
Patricia Morrissette, Human Resources
Patricia Porcaro, Library
Patricia Ring, Registrar's Office
Patricia Sutton, Athletic Department
Patrick Crowley, Athletic Department
Patrick Diggins, Athletic Department
Patrick Gemme, Information Technology Services
Patrick Ireland, English
Patrick O'Neil, Naval Science
Paul Covino, Chaplains' Office
Paul Galvinhill, Counseling Center
Paul Govoni, Public Safety
Paul Harman, President's Office
Paul Irish, Student Affairs
Paul Melley, Chaplains' Office
Paul Oxley, Physics
Paul Pearl, Athletic Department
Paul Rayne, Information Technology Services
Paul Welch, Transportation
Peter Fritz, Religious Studies
Peter Kwiatek, Residence Life and Housing
Peter Lemay, Biology
Peter Mariani, Athletic Department
Peter Van Buskirk, Athletic Department
Philip Boroughs, President's Office
Philip Gibson, Development
Philippe Telemaque, Library
Philip Rule, Alumni Association
Predrag Cicovacki, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Quentin Chanal, Modern Languages and Literatures
Rachelle Beaudoin, Visual Arts
Rachel Manley, Mathematics and Computer Science
Rafe Jones, Mathematics and Computer Science
Raymond Bolger, Athletic Department
Rebecca Chickering, Information Technology Services
Rebecca Houle, Information Technology Services
Rebecca Patella, Registrar
Renee Beard, Sociology and Anthropology
Renee Hadad, Library
Rhea Ringgard, Development
Richard Herrick, Chemistry
Richard Lent, Educational Technology
Richard Matlak, English
Richard Miller, Physics
Richard Phelps, Public Affairs
Richard Regan, Athletic Department
Richard Schmidt, Psychology
Richard Zajchowski, Library
Robert Allen, Information Technology Services
Robert Bellin, Biology
Robert Bertin, Biology
Robert Cording, English
Robert Garvey, Physics
Robert Green, Religious Studies
Robert Hart, Public Safety
Robert Hernandez, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Robert Jones, Multicultural Education
Robert Keane  SJ, Jesuit Community
Robert Larity, Center Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Robert Mack, Theatre
Robert Molt, Athletic Department
Robert ParkeHarrison, Visual Arts
Robert Plante, Post Office
Robert Potter, Information Technology Services
Robert Scheier, Library
Robert Wally, Development
Roger LeBlanc, Conference Services
Ronald Jarret, Chemistry
Ronald Montague, Information Technology Services
Ronald Perry, Athletic Department
Ronald Rakowski, Athletic Department
Ronald Sarja, Information Technology Services
Rosanne LaPointe, Admissions
Roseann Fitzgerald, Development
Rose Marie Caranci, Student Affairs
Rose Shea, Athletic Department
RSO AJCU-CMA Conference June 2010,
RSO Hate Not Here,
Ruth Ann Elias, President's Office
Ryan Arsenault, Development
Sahar Bazzaz, History
Sahar Nusseibeh, Athletic Department
Samantha McGill, Development
Sandra Burke, Student Affairs
Sandra Shook, Chaplains' Office
Sandra Varnot, Auxiliary Services
Sarah Campbell, Library
Sarah Erickson, Counseling Center
Sarah Gallenberg, Student Affairs
Sarah Luria, English
Sarah Petty, Chemistry
Sarah Stanbury, English
Sarah Webster, Biology
Sarah Wright, Mathematics and Computer Science
Sara Mitchell, Biology
Sara Swillo, Student Affairs
Scott Gallon, Athletic Department
Scott Malia, Theatre
Scott Sandstrom, Economics
Shari Labovites, Admissions
Sharon Frechette, Mathematics and Computer Science
Sharon Matys, Graphic Arts
Shawn Maurer, English
Sheila Coakley, Bursar's Office
Sheila Giguere, Development
Silvia Milazzo, Modern Languages and Literatures
SJR Testing, Information Technology Services
Slavica Zukic, Library
Souleymane Konate, Mathematics and Computer Science
SSBNYWRlIA== Bandem, Theatre
Stanley Rogacevicz, Information Technology Services
Stephanie Crist, Sociology and Anthropology
Stephanie Outerson, Academic Services and Learning Resources
Stephanie Reents, English
Stephanie Ridolfi, Athletic Department
Stephanie Yuhl, History
Stephen Albano, Public Affairs
Stephenie Chaudoir, Psychology
Stephen Kocs, Political Science
Stephen Minor, Information Technology Services
Steve Dziemian, Graphic Arts
Steven Levandosky, Mathematics and Computer Science
Steve Vineberg, Theatre
Suasthi Bandem, Theatre
Susan Amatangelo, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Susan Crawford Sullivan, Sociology and Anthropology
Susan Cunningham, Sociology and Anthropology
Susan Elizabeth Sweeney, English
Susan Finne, Student Affairs
Susan Hunt, Human Resources
Susan Kaufman, Human Resources
Susan Rodgers, Sociology and Anthropology
Susan Schmidt, Visual Arts
Susan Selby, Library
Suzanne Kulevich, Chemistry
Suzanne Morrissey, Public Affairs
Suzanne Sousa, Conference Services
Svitlana Malykhina, Modern Languages and Literatures
Sylvia Schmitz-Burgard, Modern Languages and Literatures
Tammi Valeri, Study Abroad
Tammy Fradsham, Information Technology Services
Terrence Curry, Jesuit Community
Thaddeus Whitcher, Central Stores
Theresa Karns, Purchasing
Theresa McBride, History
Theresa Michniewicz, Distinguished Fellowships and Granduate Studies
Therese Huaman, Library
Thibaut Schilt, Modern Languages and Literatures
Thomas Alatalo, Information Technology Services
Thomas Cadigan, Development
Thomas Cecil, Mathematics and Computer Science
Thomas Doughton, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
Thomas Egan, Transportation
Thomas Flynn, Development
Thomas Gilmore, Athletic Department
Thomas Gottschang, Economics
Thomas Landy, McFarland Center for Religion  Ethics and Culture
Thomas Martin, Classics
Thomas Parsons, Graphic Arts
Thomas Radulski, Athletic Department
Thomas Worcester, History
Tim Mentzer, Information Technology Services
Timothy Austin, Dean of the College
Timothy Duffy, English
Timothy Jarry, Investment Office
Timothy Joseph, Classics
Timothy Roach, Physics
Tobias Conio, Public Affairs
Todd Pearson, Athletic Department
Tomohiko Narita, Physics
Toni Methe, Classics
Travis Hunt, Public Safety
Tressa Santillo, Library
Valeria D'Orazio, Math and Computer Science
Vera Mauk, Office of Assessment and Research
Vickie Langohr, Political Science
Victor Matheson, Economics
Vincent Lapomarda, History
Virginia Coakley, Chaplains' Office
Virginia Raguin, Visual Arts
Virginia Ryan, Religious Studies
Walter Shaw, Spanish
Walter Sheehan, Public Safety
Ward Thomas, Political Science
William Bellerose, Athletic Department
William Clark, Religious Studies
William J. Conley, Administrative Services
William Morse, English
William Reiser, Religious Studies
William Samko, Athletic Department
William Sobczak, Center for Interdisciplinary and Special Studies
William Stempsey, Philosophy
Wilson Aybar, Athletic Department
Ying Li, Modern Languages and Literatures
Yi-Ting Tsai, Modern Languages and Literatures
Yolanda Youtsey, History
Zachary Ford, Public Safety
Zowie Tucker, Athletic Department