Project Communications

Example of "day of conversion" message
Subject: Gmail Coming Tonight
Your transition to Gmail should be complete by 8:00 tomorrow morning. You should start using Gmail after 6:00 p.m. tonight. Attached is a document to get you signed into your new Gmail account. If you have not done your pre-migration steps, please do them now.

Please do not access your GroupWise account during the transition process.

  • Your inbox must not contain more than 3000 messages for the migration.
  • You may want to set a vacation rule (before leaving for the evening) notifying internal senders that you are moving to Gmail so you don't miss messages being sent to you.
  • Your busy search, in Google Calendar, for scheduling meetings will not show GroupWise members and vice versa--please plan accordingly.
  • Shared Calendars need to be shared again.
  • Anyone with proxy access to your email needs to be granted permissions again.
  • Mobile devices need to be disconnected from GroupWise and reconnected to Gmail (Active Sync Exchange is recommended).
  • Transferred mail displays in thread (conversation) form.
  • Gmail works best when using Google Chrome as your browser.
  • Check your signature to make sure if transitioned correctly.
  • Proxy accounts are created after individual accounts are completed, please be patient.
Contact me if you need assistance with any of the above items.
Help can also be found at Help site for Google transition assistance.

[Pre-migration communication]
Since our last email regarding our move to Google Apps, many of you have told us how eager you are to move to Gmail! We are excited too. Our plan is to migrate ITS staff on June 20th. Next we will move two pilot departments the week of July 16th. Shortly thereafter we will begin moving users who have requested to be "early adopters". If you wish to be an early adopter please let us know (reply to this message or contact Karen Brosnihan in ITS). We will stop moving users from August 10th to September 17th due to the start of school year.

We have created a HC GoogleApps project site containing a Google FAQ, Google resources, project calendar, among other useful items. This site also contains detailed instructions to assist with the items listed below, on the Pre-migration Steps page. The site is located at Please bookmark this page, as we will be updating it throughout the project.

To help make this a smooth transition, we are asking everyone to review the contents of their GroupWise mailbox and archive. The migration software will move the following items from your GroupWise mailbox to Gmail:
  • Mail in all folders, including file cabinet
  • Calendar appointments
  • Personal contacts 
  • Frequent contacts 
This tool will not migrate the following items:
  • Folders containing special characters, such as @ < > ^ % ( ) * / + ' # " & or multiple spaces. (You will need to rename the folder prior to moving. Right-click on the folder name and choose "rename".)
  • Items in the Work in Progress folder will not migrate. (These can be moved into another folder)
  • Tasks will not migrate. Telephone messages will not migrate. (You may change the item to a posted note)
  • Attachments larger than 35mb will not migrate (instructions listed on the pre-migration steps page link given below)
  • Personal address books will need to be exported prior to migration
  • Archived items - Unarchive needed items prior to the migration, we will increase your GroupWise mailbox space to accommodate the increase if you let us know. For users with very large archives, please contact the Help Desk. Please only unarchive needed items.
Important please delete any email or attachment containing protected data.  When cleaning your mailbox (and archive), please be mindful of the type of data contained in the email. Messages may be from many years ago, prior to data security laws and policies. The College's legal counsel and ITS' information security officer need you to understand that messages containing protected data, as defined by the College's data classification policy, must be deleted and not migrated to Google. It is against College policy and Massachusetts law to use email for protected data.

May 2, 2012
Dear Colleagues,
The IT Steering Committee (comprised of the President, the VPs, and myself) on Monday approved the move of faculty and staff from GroupWise to Google Apps for Education. This comes after a two-year process of information gathering, peer institution comparisons, and the successful move of students to Google Apps. Thank you to all who gave feedback to us.
The main drivers behind the decision are:
1. The continued viability of GroupWise is in doubt, both in terms of support by the vendor and future capabilities.
2. The general consensus within Higher Education (and in industry) is that running your own e-mail and calendar system on site is no longer a best practice when comparable external alternatives exist.
3. The advantages of Google Apps over GroupWise are many, such as:
* Significantly more space (25gb vs. 250mb)
* Much better integration with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones
* Highly effective SPAM filtering
* Better compatibility between Windows and Macintosh usage
* New feature releases far exceeding GroupWise
* Other "Apps" for image storing, document sharing, web sites, and chat
Information on the transition will be sent regularly from ITS. Here are a few important points:
1. Faculty and staff email addresses are not changing. We will still be [username] Students will continue to have the "g." in their addresses.
2. We will move all of your email and calendar items over from GroupWise to Google for you.
3. The Holy Cross Google/Gmail account is separate from any personal account you may already have (though they will work much the same).
What is the expected time frame?
No one will move prior to Commencement. We expect to move ITS and one or two pilot departments some time in June to solidify the transfer process. In July and early August we hope to begin with volunteer "early adopters" who use the basic features of GroupWise (e.g. just email and not shared calendars or proxy accounts). After the busy start of the semester settles down, we anticipate doing a department-by-department transition over the fall (Oct-Dec). When your department moves will be largely up to you and what works best for your department. We hope to have most people moved by the end of the winter break.
What should you do now?
There is nothing that needs to be done on your part now. It would be helpful overall if people cleaned up their email prior to moving. Feel free to do some of that. Detailed instructions will follow as the time approaches for your move to explain such things as getting email out of archives if you have them, saving personal address books if you use those, etc..
Will there be training on the new Apps?
Yes, ITS and our partners across the College will be offering training in a number of ways... through training classes, tip sheets posted on a web site, email, and in-person assistance. Our focus during the transition months will be on assisting with using the new email and calendar apps. If you find use for the additional apps that come with Google Apps for Education, such as for document sharing, image storing, chat, or web sites, these will be available to you. ITS will offer training and assistance with those after getting everyone up and running on email and calendar.
Many people have told me they are eager for this move. I am excited about it. While changes as big as this can and will be disruptive, we are hearing very positive feedback from the many other institutions that have gone Google. We will do our best to make it a smooth transition for Holy Cross.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to me or any member of my staff with comments or suggestions at any time.
Take care--