1) Pre-Migration Steps

Here are some steps to prepare your account for the Google Apps migration. 

Protected Data - When cleaning your mailbox (and archive), please be mindful of the type of data contained in the email. Messages may be from many years ago, prior to data security laws and policies. The College's legal counsel and ITS' information security officer need you to understand that messages containing protected data, as defined by the College's data classification policy http://offices.holycross.edu/its/policies, must be deleted and not migrated to Google. It is against College policy and Massachusetts law to use email for protected data. Moving forward, such uses will be blocked and logged.

Special Characters - Check your folders for any special characters in the name, such as @ < > ^ % ( ) * / + ' # " & or multiple spaces. You will need to rename them without using special characters (right-click on the folder name and choose "rename").

The Archive - Your archive will not move. You must un-archive any messages you want migrated over to Google. If you have a very large archive containing must have information, too big to un-archive, coordinate with ITS before you move to make special arrangements. To locate archives look above the folder names for "Online", click the down arrow and select archive from the list, this will open your archive list. If you don't have any archives simply click online again and select your name-nothing else needed. If you have archives that need to be kept- select the message(s), right click, un-check the archive and the message is moved back to your inbox.

Inbox- Your inbox must not contain more that 3000 messages. If you have more than 3000 messages in your inbox-create a new folder (name is up to you) and move excess messages into the new folder. *Folders limit is 1 million.

Work in progress folder - Items in this folder will not move, in order to keep them, they should be moved to another folder.

Task Items -  Items listed as tasks will not move. To save a task item, right click and select Change To, and select Mail.

Shared Folders - Shared folders will move over to Gmail, however each person sharing a folder will get their own copy of all of the messages in that shared folder. The sharing of that folder will discontinue. After the migration, in order to share new messages, the owner of the shared folder will need to create a rule to forward the email to the users who need the messages.

Attachments - Items with attachments larger than 30mb (31457280 in GroupWise display) will not migrate successfully. If the attachment is needed, it will need to be saved locally. To locate large email, the size column can be added to your mailbox. Follow these steps:

  • Right click on the Mailbox icon in your folder list
  • Click Properties, then click the Display tab
  • Next click the "More Display Settings" button
  • Click the Edit Columns button
  • From the Available column scroll down and click on "Size" and click the Add button
  • Click OK until you are back to the main GroupWise window

Now sort your email by the size of the message, click on the Size column heading at the top of your mailbox. It will sort from smaller to larger. Click the Size heading a second time and it will reverse the sort, larger to smaller. (note: if you do not need these large messages it would speed up the overall migration process if you delete those messages before you move).

To save attachments to your computer, open the email message or calendar appointment containing the attachment>Right mouse click on the attachment icon > click “Save As”>Browse to the location to save the file, p:\ drive for instance and click Save.

 .exe Files - Any messages containing .exe files will not migrate. This is an important security setting that we cannot change.

Calendar Items - Check calendar appointments for attachments. Any attachments larger than 35mb will not migrate to Gmail. The following steps will walk you through how to list appointments with a detailed view as well as add the Size column for easy sorting.

To change the view of your calendar for easier cleanup:

  1. Right click on the Calendar Icon in your folder list
  2. Click Properties, then click the Display tab
  3. From the "View by" drop down box, select "Details"
  4. Next click the "More Display Settings" button
  5. Click the Edit Columns button
  6. From the Available column scroll down and click on "Size" and click the Add button
  7. Click OK until you are back to the main GroupWise window

To sort your appointments by the size of the message, click on the Size column heading at the top of your mailbox. It will sort from smaller to larger. Click the Size heading a second time and it will reverse the sort, larger to smaller. (note: if you have calendar items going back years that you don't need, you could also sort by date and delete old items so they don't have to move over to Google).

Mobile Device - If you are synchronizing email to a mobile device (iPhone, iPad or cell phone), the account on these devices needs to be removed. After the migration you may setup the device pointing to the Gmail servers. (See "post-migration steps.").

Exporting Personal Address Books and Groups - The Holy Cross address book will be available in Gmail as it is in GroupWise. Your frequent contacts will also all move over. If you are authorized to send to the student class groups, those will be available in Gmail as well. Personally created address books and groups will not move. You will need to export them from GroupWise and import them into Gmail (Go to the Address Book, right-click on the name of the personal book, and choose Export book...). Note: ALL of your frequent contacts will move over to your Gmail contact list. These could be very old and outdated addresses. You might want to clear out contacts from your Frequent Contacts list in your Address Book. Once in Gmail you can import your saved personal address books by going to your Contacts, selecting "More..." and choosing "import...".

The migration process runs overnight and then a catch-up process will run again in the morning to move over any email that came in during the interim. You might want to Set a vacation rule in GroupWise so colleagues will know that you are transitioning to Gmail. Once the overnight process starts, all email coming from outside Holy Cross will start going into your Gmail account, so there's no issue there.

Web Browser - Gmail works best on Chrome. Please install Chrome on your computer. Chrome Install

Notes to GroupWise users

Frequent Contacts
 - During the transition from GroupWise to Google, users in GroupWise sending mail or calendar appointments to users in Gmail, will need to synchronize their frequent contacts. Same synchronization steps done with the students move to Gmail.

1. On a Windows machine with full GroupWise client: go to the Address Book and right click on each personal book, including Frequent Contacts, selecting "Synchronize" and then "Current Book" for each.

2. On a Mac with full GroupWise or GroupWise Web Access: unfortunately (and probably not surprisingly) there is no "Synchronize" option. You can either individually edit personal books or find a Windows machine on campus with full GroupWise and follow Step 1 above. Obviously, you don't want to edit the Frequent Contacts individually.