Gmail vs. GroupWise Comparisons

an email
 In GroupWise     In Gmail   Important Tips and Notes

Click the compose button.

Start typing and auto lookup will show a list of contacts

Spell checker

Address the Message

Start typing the first few letters of a recipient’s name. Then select the address you want from the directory or list of recent correspondents that appears.

When finished composing, click Check Spelling
GMail Formatting and Signatures

Gmail - Format and add pictures
you may add colors, links, highlighting using tools above the message window  

To add a picture to an email, drag the image from your desktop  to the body of the message and drop. The picture will insert into the message.
Attaching Files
We used to use the  paperclip or drag and drop into the attachment window.
In Gmail, click the Attach a file, browse and select. You may also drag and the file (doc, xls, pdf) to the attachment bar, a window will appear, release the mouse in that box and the file will copy and attach to the message.

Gmail has a 25mb attachment size limit.

To prevent the spread of viruses, Gmail does not allow for the attachment of exe files.
 In GroupWise, we often had to remove attachments to save on the limited space.

In Gmail there is no need to remove attachment, each user has 25gb of space for email and attachments. You may view or download any attachment, 

Gmail Conversations
In Groupwise you could change your view to "View by Discussion Threads" 

By default, Gmail groups a message and its replies in a conversation that is listed as a single inbox entry.

when opened, It expands in a stacked format and opens to the newest message in the thread.

To change the messages back to how it worked in GroupWise, turn Conversation the view off. Do this temporarily (it’s easy to switch back) or for good.

Go to your Mail Settings > General tab, and select Conversation view off.

Important - by default conversations is enabled. If you delete an email within conversation thread, the entire chain of email is deleted as well.

Gmail Replying

 Replying from GroupWise 

 Replying from Gmail

 Gmail Features     Lost with GroupWise
 Highly effective SPAM filtering  Cannot email files with .EXE 
 25 GB of spacePrompting if want signature added on individual message.
Attachment size limit 50mb internally and 35mb externally (Gmail 25mb limit) Automatic read receipt tracking. (Gmail works per message, if selected when composing)
 Better integration with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones 
 Full featured collaboration tools 
 Reliable POP and IMAP connections 
 Better compatibility between Windows and Mac functionality
 Other "Apps" for image storing, document sharing, web sites and chat 
 Google Drive client (5gb space) 
 Future integration with the Help Desk ticket tracking