2) Google FAQ

Will my email address change?  No. All faculty and staff will use the same email address. For instance, jsmith@holycross.edu. All students will continue to use their same email address e.g., student12@g.holycross.edu  The google accounts are created by ITS. Users should not create an account at google using your Holy Cross email address. 

How will I get my email?  Browse to https://gmail.com.  From there you will enter in your email address, e.g., jsmith@holycross.edu, and your password.  Your password is the same as your network password was on the date your migration occurred. Note: from this point forward your Gmail/Google password will not be synchronized with your network password (which you'll continue to use for P: and M: drives, Moodle, STAR, etc.). 

Will I still be able to proxy into another account?  Yes. You will receive separate instruction from ITS if you are a  proxy account owner.

What do I need to do before I go to Gmail?  We are asking everyone to review their GroupWise accounts for the following items: Folders containing special characters need to be renamed, attachments over 35mb need to be copied locally, any required archived messages need to be un-archived, and email containing protected data must be deleted. For more information on all pre-migration steps, go to the Pre-migration steps page.  

Will any web browser work with Gmail?  Any browser will work but for best results it is recommended you use Google Chrome. Google Chrome includes your spell check and supports notifications.

How does my Gmail inbox display message? Messages are displayed in chronological order, displaying the most recent inbox item first. The are other options of inbox display available at Your Inbox .

Will I still have a file cabinet? Will my folders move? Gmail uses Labels. Email will be tagged with a label instead of a folder. You can now drag labels onto messages and messages into labels, just like folders. The labels you use most often are easier to access right above your chat list. The rest are hidden but still accessible under "more..." Customize which labels you see from the Labels tab under Settings. During the migration, email messages stored in GroupWise folders will be automatically tagged with corresponding Gmail labels. The name of the folder becomes the label name attached to each email message in that folder. (note: see the Pre-Migration Steps page for information about limitations on the names of folders, such as not using special characters).

Will you be offering Google training/workshops? Yes. The ITS Training Staff will be scheduling training/workshops during the migration process. Please check Training Schedule for updates.

Can I still run a mail merge?  Yes, there are several sites that will show how to create a mail merge, here is one we found Mail Merge with Gmail. If you need more assistance, call the ITS training staff at x 3548.

Will I be able to see if the message was opened? This is a new feature added to Google Apps for Education. When sending an email, you will see an option to check "return receipt request". When that is selected, check the box and send your message. Once the message is read by the recipient, a small yellow line is added to the bottom of your email.  "1 recipient(s) have read this message. Student Classof14 <stud14@g.holycross.edu> read this at 9:53 AM on 4/10/12". Unlike with GroupWise, this is not automatically tracked. You must check the option for each message you want to track. note: when using groups, please put the group name in the To: field. Names and groups placed in the BC: field will not report a read receipt.

How much space is the Google Mailbox quota? Each person's mailbox is 25gb. (Google docs/drive is an additional 5gb). *Note: Once your move to Gmail is complete, you may notice your inbox is 1% full or 2% full. This is not a mistake! You have much more space over in Gmail.

Can I share my calendar? Yes - Click on the Share button when in your calendar.

Can I retract an email after sending? Yes, but only for an immediate retraction (e.g. within no more than 30 seconds). This is not a default feature of Gmail, but is an add-on available from Google Labs. Click on the Google gear icon, select Settings, then Labs. The Add-on is called Undo Send. You may adjust the delay to 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds. 

What is Google Docs  Google Docs is an app for creating and storing documents, spreadsheets, and other types of content. These files are stored within the Google system. You can conveniently share files with other Holy Cross people. Each person has 5gb of space.

What is Google Drive?  Google Drive is an enhancement to Google Docs to make it more full-featured like other Cloud-based file storage programs such as DropBox or Box.net. Drive offers a way to access your Google Doc files and keep local copies on your computer's hard drive. Note: We do not recommend you install the Drive client on your work or home computer if you store any sensitive or protected data in your Google Docs. More information can be found at GoogleDrive.  If you do not activate the local synchronization to your hard drive, "Google Docs" and "Google Drive" are essentially the same.

Can I be logged into more than one Gmail account at the same time?  Yes. Login to Gmail with one account, click on your email address at the top right, and click Add account. It will prompt you to login to the second account. From the drop down list under your email address, you will see your accounts listed. You may toggle between them to access email.

When I click a mail link on a web page, how do I make it use Gmail? - This can be accomplished using the Google Notifier or by installing Google Talk. Please note Windows XP users will need to install the Notifier when sending email through the Star system.  

Does Gmail support email notification? - Yes, desktop notifications can be enabled in your account under Gmail General Settings. 

Junk Mail block list - If you had configured your GroupWise account to block or send email from specific addresses to your junk mail folder, this list will not carry over to Gmail during the migration. You will need to re-establish the blocks individually.

Will I have a signature file? - Gmail offers a signature file option. However, it is either on or off. It will not prompt for the signature like GroupWise. You can have separate signatures for your Holy Cross and personal Gmail accounts. See Signature Help. If you want to do something similar to GroupWise where you're prompted on each message as to whether to add your signature or not, you might want to use "canned responses" which is an add-on available in Google Labs (click on the gear icon, choose Settings, and go to the Labs tab). It is likely that this feature will be a future enhancement to Gmail.

Can I have multiple signature files within my Holy Cross account? - You can achieve the equivalent of multiple signature files by creating multiple "canned responses." This is not a default feature of Gmail. It is installed through Google Labs (click on the gear icon, Settings, and Labs. Search for Canned Responses and enable. You will now have an option to insert canned responses from a pull-down menu located under the Subject line when composing a new message). 

Can I change an email to an appointment? Yes - With the email open click Create Event from the More drop-down menu, add details and click Save. Note: be careful converting a message that was sent to multiple people, such as to a mass email list, as the default Event will want to send to all those people. If that's not what you want, remove them from the attendee list.  See Create Event Help

Why is the box for All day checked off when I create an appointment (event)?  All day is automatically checked off when you start creating the appointment from the month view in the calendar.  When you click on the day that you wish to create the appointment in, Google assumes it is an all day appointment.  If you switch to the week view, All day will not be checked off when you click on the day/time slot.  If you prefer the month view but want to select the time slots for the appointment, uncheck the All day box and select your times.

Google calendar time zone for Faculty and Staff is set by default to Eastern time zone.  Students may not be correctly set to Eastern time zone, but instead set to the default of GMT (-5hours).  Students should log into their gmail account and select calendar.  Select the correct time zone in the general tab from settings (gear icon).

Will my mobile device settings change? Yes. After your email account has been migrated, you will need to delete the GroupWise account on your phone or ipad and set it up the new account on your phone or ipad.  ActiveSync Exchange is recommended for best results.

Additional install methods can be found in the links below.

iPhone, Windows Phone, Nokia: http://www.google.com/mobile/sync/ 

Blackberry:  http://helpblog.blackberry.com/2011/11/gmail-on-blackberry/  please remember your user name is your full email address

*Note -on settings: Server: m.google.com; leave Domain blank; check SSL encryption; and be sure to use your full email address under Username (username@holycross.edu).

Protected and Sensitive Data. Keep in mind that email is never to be used for transmitting protected or sensitive data (http://offices.holycross.edu/its/policies). If you need to send such information, contact the ITS Help Desk for a consultation with a security specialist to determine a safe method of communication. Tools are in place to enforce this policy.


As of 9/25/12 - Users no longer have the ability to download Google Docs in Office 1997-2003 format (.doc, .xls, .ppt).

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