CS 106
Computer Science Education Research

Spring 2014

Prof. Colleen Lewis                    Prof. Lisa Kaczmarczyk
1280 Olin                                    B160 Olin
lewis@cs.hmc.edu                     lkaczmarczyk@hmc.edu
Office hours TBD                       Office Hours TBD

Course Website:


Course Goals:

  • Learn more about education research in computer science and beyond

  • Gain experience conducting a qualitative research study

  • Contribute to our understanding of how students learn a particular concept

  • Share your preliminary findings at a computer science education conference (March 27-28 at HMC)

Course Components:

Final Paper: (100 points)

The primary product of the class is a formal, conference-style research paper. The weekly homework assignments will build toward sections of a final paper. The final paper will involve revising these sections in accordance with the feedback on individual homework assignments and peer review. After the class we hope that you will choose to submit your final paper for publication at a CS education conference and during the class will provide recommendations if you would like to do this.

Final Poster: (50 points)

A secondary product of the class is a conference-poster, which we hope you will present at the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges (a CS education conference), which will be held at HMC on March 27-28th. We expect everyone to apply to present a poster at this conference. The poster presentation is currently scheduled for Saturday March 28th from 11:30-2:00.

Homework Completion: (42 points)

There will be a homework assignment assigned each week. These are due on Sundays at 2pm, unless otherwise noted. All assignment will be allocated at least 3 points. Three points will be awarded for all assignments that are completed and turned in on time. A sliding scale of 2, 1, or 0 points will be used for assignments that are incomplete or submitted after the deadline. For example, 2 points will be awarded for completing the assignment after the deadline (Sunday at 2pm), but before Monday's class. There are two homework assignments due Sunday October 26th to provide more flexibility around fall break. If you are completing the project in a partnership, you will frequently be able to submit a single homework assignment on behalf of the team.

Analysis Drafts (25 points) - Hw 7

Before you submit your final paper, you will be submitting a draft of your paper's analysis section, which will be graded out of 25 points.

Class Participation: (54 points)

Active class participation is required. Two points are allocated for each class session (27 total classes). Two points are awarded for active participation in session that meets expectations. Meeting expectations includes all of the following: On-time attendance, coming prepared for discussion or activities, contributing to discussion and activities, and engagement in class discussion (e.g. looking at the speaker during whole class discussion). Please let us know in advance if you need to miss class for any reason.

Grading Scale:

There will be a fixed grading scale.

(define (score p)


((>= p 0.95) "A")

((>= p 0.90) "A-")

((>= p 0.87) "B+")

((>= p 0.83) "B")

((>= p 0.80) "B-")

((>= p 0.70) "C range")

((>= p 0.60) "passing range")

(else "hopefully not relevant")))

Homework Submission Guidelines:

  • Your name and the assignment name should appear on the top left of your assignment

  • You should submit your assignment to Sakai as a single attachment

  • Submit the assignment before the deadline shown on the website

  • Your file should be a .doc(x) file or a .pdf file, but .doc(x) files are preferred

  • Any headings described within the assignment should be easily identifiable within your assignment.

Google Sites/Google Drive:
In this class, you will need to use the course's google site and google docs to:
  • Access homework assignments (linked from CALENDAR)
  • Find the reading assignment (linked from READING)
  • Read the syllabus (linked from SYLLABUS)
In this class, you will need to use Sakai to: 
  • Download course readings
  • Upload your homework assignments
  • Check your grade

Reading Assignments:

  • https://sites.google.com/a/g.hmc.edu/cs106_fa14/reading