Cognos 10 URL: external link: myreport.hmc.edu

Cognos Service from CIS:

There will be a log on screen where you enter your user name and password. Use your HMC Credentials. If you are having problems logging in, please contact CIS.

After you have logged on, you will see either the "Welcome" page or your "Home" page, depending upon your default setting. The Welcome page will allow you to chose a reporting tool or go to your Home page ("My home"). On your home page, you will see a list of packages (data) to which you have access. You should see only those packages related to the CX modules you use and the training package. If there are other packages cluttering your Home page, please advise CIS.

Please contact the CIS helpdesk (either by calling ext. 77777 or sending email to helpdesk@hmc.edu) to request the setup necessary to access the Student Information System data.

If you are at your Home page, you can select "Go To the Welcome Page" under the "?" (at the upper right). Help is also available under the "?".

Cognos 10 includes two report writing tools: Query Studio and Report Studio.

  • Query Studio is very useful for quick, ad hoc reports.
  • Report Studio allows for more complex report writing.


  • If not on a wired HMC connection, VPN is required to access Cognos
  • Browser Compatibility for Cognos 10.2.2
      • Internet Explorer 8, 9: Adobe Flash plug-in Version 
      • Internet Explorer 10, 11: Compatibility mode only
      • Firefox ESR 24 (interim fix 8 required), 31
      • Safari 5, 6, 7 (not for iPad)