June 4:  Dinner/mixer for HHMI research students catered by taco truck  (where?).

June 11 (at Pomona):  Chris Clark, Harvey Mudd College, "Robotic Systems: New Tools for Biological Sampling Applications"

June 18
(at KSD): Tony Jimenez and Diana Azurdia

June 25
(at HMC): Karen Martien, NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center, 'Management genetics of Hawaiian false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens): from social groups to subspecies.'

July 2
(at Pomona): Jon Audhya, U. Wisconsin, title TBA

July 9
(at HMC):  Ted Garland, UC Riverside, title TBA

July 16
(at KSD): Moshe Arditi, Cedars Sinai, title TBA

July 23
: HHMI Poster Session, venue TBA

Spring 2014

Colloquium starts at 4:15 pm on Wednesdays in Big Beckman Auditorium.

There are many more seminars in the Claremont community!  Go to https://sites.google.com/site/claremontsci/ for a listing of other seminars occurring in Fall 2013.

January 22

Bryan Thines

Keck Science Department

"Get Stressed!  The Ubiquitin-26S Proteasome System in Plant Responses to the Environment"

January 29


February 5

Special: Claremont Center for Mathematical Sciences Colloquium

Olcay Akman, Illinois State University

Title: A Biologist and a Statistician Walked Into a Bar. . .

Shanahan B460

February 12

Cheryl Okumura, Occidental College

Title: Battle Royale: the struggle between Group A Streptococcus and innate immune cells for survival

February 19


Jay Nadeau

McGill University

Motility as a biosignature: Holographic microscopy and the search for life in extraterrestrial oceans

February 26

Joint Chemistry and Biology Seminar

Tara M Ruttley


Title: TBA

 LOCATION:  Recital Hall, Shanahan B480

March 5

Marc Badger, UC Berkeley

"Shape-shifting through apertures: kinematic strategies and correlated flight metrics in Anna’s Hummingbirds (Calypte anna)"

March 12

Kris Kaiser, Pomona College

"The effects of urban change on amphibians... and reptiles."

March 19

No colloquium - Spring Break

March 26

Dr. Xuelin Wu

University of Southern California

"Sugar signaling and growth initiation in Arabidopsis"

April 2

Dr. Kwasi Connor

UC Irvine

"Life in a Fluctuating Environment:  The
Eco-Physiology of the Mussel Mytilus californianus"

April 9


April 16

Ian Ehrenreich, USC

Title: Complex gene-gene and gene-environment interactions reshape the genotype-phenotype map

April 23

Branwen Williams

Keck Science Department

Calibration of Aleutian coralline algal magnesium content to seawater temperature

April 30

Biology Spring Mixer

Fall 2013

Sept 4

Introduction to colloquium / discussion of senior research

Sept 11

Biology mixer in Hixon courtyard

Sept 18

All about Grad School

Sept 25

Nicole Danos, UC Irvine

Title: Comparative functional studies of muscle-tendon passive properties

Oct 2

Gregor Yanega

Title: Teaching a Spork to Sing: tales of energy acquisition and ecomorphology in birds

Oct 9

Aaron Leconte, Keck Science Department

Title: Experimental Approaches to understanding laboratory evolution

Oct 16

Stephen Adolph, Harvey Mudd College

Title: Conservation Biology of the Tuatara, an Iconic New Zealand Reptile 

Oct 23

Lauren Chan

Title: TBA

Oct 30

Senior Thesis Presentations:

Audrey Musselman-Brown, Natasha Parikh, Lauren Shull, and Christian Stevens

Nov 6

Senior Thesis Presentations:

Lillian Haynes, Sidra Hussain, Eva Gao, and Garrett Wong


Nov 13

Senior Thesis Presentations:

Clara Amorosi, Lisa Gai, Bev Yeh, and Chris Zazueta

Nov 20

Senior Thesis Presentations:

Lisa Hazelton, Bo Lee, Brennan Plassmeyer, and Lauren Winkler


Nov 27

No Colloquium- Thanksgiving

Dec 4

Jeanne Robertson

California State University, Northridge 

Causes and consequences of extreme color variation in the red-eyed treefrog

Dec 11

Elissa Hallem

University of California Los Angeles

Host-seeking behavior in parasitic nematodes