How to use the SEAS CAT Listings:
  • Instructors: Post a listing for your course. This is placed in the CATalog.

  • Students: Browse these listings, (the CATalog), find which courses you are interested in. Then use the "Email" button to send an email directly to the instructor (or whoever is in charge of coordinating teaching positions for the course)

About the SEAS Cat Listings:


Hi! Welcome to the SEAS CAT Listings, brought to you by the Harvard SEAS Graduate Council

The task of finding Teaching Fellows each semester was not very straightforward in the past.
There was no centralized system for students to search for open teaching positions or for instructors to post their open positions.

The SEAS-GC is on a mission to streamline the process of matching TF's to courses.

We Present: SEAS CAT Listings!
(Course Assistants And Teaching Fellows)

SEAS CAT Listings is a first attempt at making the process of matching TF's to courses a little more automated.
It started as a PhD student's hobby project, and turned into something much greater.