Welcome to the English Department Graduate Colloquia!

What We Do

The English Department Graduate Colloquia meet regularly, usually on a bi-monthly basis. Colloquium meetings might include invited talks by established scholars in the field; workshops of dissertation chapters, prospectuses, or article drafts; discussions of recent publications in the field; or professionalization workshops. Colloquium events also regularly draw audiences from the greater Cambridge/Boston area. Students in the graduate program are encouraged to attend any or all of them with any degree of regularity, regardless of their primary field(s) of interest. See individual colloquium pages on the left sidebar for detailed information about upcoming events. You can also subscribe to individual colloquium mailing lists by contacting the coordinators listed below.

Who We Are

Medieval Colloquium — A group of graduate students and faculty across several disciplines and departments who invite visiting speakers from around the country to discuss the literature of the ninth through fifteenth centuries.

Coordinator: Aparna Chaudhuri, G4 (aparnachaudhuri@fas.harvard.edu) and Anna Kelner, G3 (annakelner@g.harvard.edu)

Faculty Sponsors: Daniel Donoghue, James Simpson, Nicholas Watson

Renaissance Colloquium — A group of graduate students and faculty who meet to share current work in Renaissance and Early Modern Studies and discuss aspects of the profession. 

Coordinators: Will Porter, G4 (wporter@fas.harvard.edu) and Hudson Vincent, G3 (rvincent@g.harvard.edu)

Faculty Sponsor: Leah Whittington

Long 18th Century and Romanticism Colloquium — A group of graduate students and faculty dedicated to discussing critical work on eighteenth-century and Romantic literature, as well as the state of the field.

Coordinators: Samuel Diener (sdiener@g.harvard.edu), Alexander Creighton (acreighton01@g.harvard.edu)

Faculty Sponsors: James Engell, Stephen Osadetz, Andrew Warren

British and Anglophone Literature Colloquium — A group of graduate students and faculty that meets regularly to discuss post-Romantic British literature, with an emphasis on the Victorian period, Modernism, and global Anglophone literature.

Coordinators: Michael Allen, G3 (michaelpatrickallen@g.harvard.edu) and Michelle Taylor, G3 (michellealexistaylor@g.harvard.edu)

Faculty Sponsor: Beth Blum and Kelly Rich

American Literature Colloquium — A group of graduate students and faculty that meets regularly to workshop graduate student projects, discuss matters of professional interest, and host guest speakers related to the study of American literature across all periods and genres.

Coordinators: Christian Schlegel, G3 (cschlegel@g.harvard.edu) and Emily Silk, G4 (esilk@fas.harvard.edu)

Faculty Sponsor: David Alworth

Theater and Performance Colloquium — An interdisciplinary workshop that offers an opportunity to develop research in dramatic literature, dramatic criticism and theory, theater history, theater practice, and performance studies. Biweekly meetings consist of textual discussions, graduate student presentations, and faculty lectures.

Coordinator: Elizabeth Phillips, G5 (ephillips@fas.harvard.edu) and Christofer Rodelo, G2 (crodelo@g.harvard.edu)

Faculty Sponsors: Marjorie Garber, Ju Yon Kim, Derek Miller, Martin Puchner

Race and Ethnicity Colloquium — This newly formed colloquium provides a collaborative space and intellectual network for doctoral students working on projects related to critical race and ethnic studies, transnationalism and postcolonialism, and migration and human rights—as well as various other perspectives—across broad periods and geographies of literary history.

Coordinators: Isabel Duarte-Gray, G4 (iduartegray@fas.harvard.edu) and Nicholas Rinehart, G3 (rinehart@g.harvard.edu)

Faculty Sponsors: Glenda Carpio, Ju Yon Kim

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