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Student Ambassadors

About Student Ambassadors:

The Student Ambassadors Program consists of a group of 8th and 7th graders recommended by teachers and counselors who serve as the “welcome wagon” at Ramay Junior High School. These students receive training from the counselors at the beginning of the year to fully equip them with the responsibilities of sharing and demonstrating their Ramay Pride daily, welcoming visitors and new students to the school, and passing on their expert knowledge of activities, clubs, and events to help all students continue to get involved. This program facilitates connectedness, leadership, and community here at Ramay Junior High.

The first task of the Student Ambassadors is to welcome students and parents at Open House while helping to facilitate the process of the night. Students receive training from the Counselors in the afternoon before Open House.

Throughout the year, the office and counselors utilize the Student Ambassadors to help welcome new students as they transfer in. Student Ambassadors will continue to receive training from the counselors on leadership and interpersonal skills from the counselors each quarter.
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