CAP (Career Action Plan)

CAP is a process that all students grades 6-11 complete as they are thinking about their courses for the next year. It is a time to reflect on their long term career goal and make requests for the next year as a way to achieve that. The process involves hearing information about future classes from counselors and teachers, Parents coming to a Parent night to learn more about classes, watching elective videos/powerpoints, filling out a course selection sheet, meeting with a CAP advisor AND parents to discuss requests and recommendations, and finally getting your student schedule at the start of the school year. There are a lot of different parts that go into that 7 course schedule!

The CAP Conference is a VERY important part of the process because this is the time for both parents and students to discuss with an advisor plans and questions for the following year. Please make sure not to miss out on your child's conference! Announcements, post cards, newsletters, emails, and calls will remind you, so please put it on the calendar!

Pre-CAP Parent Info Night- February 20
5:00pm- Rising 8th (Current 7th)
6:30pm- Rising 7th (Current 6th)

CAP Conference Nights- March 6 and 8 for Current 6th and 7th graders
Appointments available between 3:45-7:00pm
Link to sign up for an appointment will be available Mar February 20-Mar 2. Please make sure to mark your calendars for this very important conference!