Technical Information

Currently the TestNav application is being removed and updated forWindows machines and Chromebooks. PLEASE have Chromebooks on and Windows machines logged in on machines THAT YOU WILL BE USING FOR TESTING. That way the most current TestNav will be installed. YOU MUST USE THE NEW TESTNAV FOR TESTING interims and summative. 
See the following documents on TestNav:
Windows 7 machines
TestNav 8 Error Codes and Descriptions

Click here to access a list of calculators that CANNOT be used on the ACT and ACT Aspire
Cognos Report for ACT Aspire - SDU File

ACT Aspire Technical Readiness Manual

ACT Aspire Portal User Guide

ACT Aspire Technical Updates

TestNav 8 Error Codes

ACT Aspire Calculator Policy

Download TestNav 8 version 1.5.2
On Windows machines: Delete the old TestNav first, then use the msi installer to install an updated TestNav App!

For Chromebooks, follow these steps to update TestNav:
If you happen upon a Chromebook that will not launch TestNav from the login screen and gets stuck on “Initializing,” it’s most likely due to that Chromebook still needing to run ChromeOS updates.
1.       Log in to the Chromebook.
2.       Open the Chrome browser.
3.       Click on the menu button near the upper right-hand corner of the window (looks like 3 dots).
4.       Select "Settings".
5.       Select “About Chrome OS” on the menu that pops up at the top.
6.       It opens a page that displays the version you’re running and has a “Check for Updates” button.
7.       Click the button.
8.       Once it finishes downloading, a “Restart” button will appear.  Click that.
9.       When it comes back up, try running TestNav again from the login screen.