ELPA 21 - Livebinder
ELPA 21 Livebinder
The most current information concerning the ELPA 21 test for Arkansas students.
The new Arkansas ELPA21 portal gives you access to testing manual guides and resources.  Please browse the site to become accustomed to the many offered features.  Resources and information will be added on a rolling basis.
  1. The Knowledge and Skills Map is a resource provided by ACT Aspire to help educators understand the connection between the Aspire Readiness Benchmarks and the Common Core Standards. 
  2. The Crosswalk link is a resource to see correlation between Common Core and ACT Aspire

Login: actlabs
Password: actlabs         ADE LiveBinder
The purpose of ACT Aspire Arkansas LiveBinder is to provide links to important information regarding the ACT Aspire assessment.
ADE LiveBinder
Arkansas Student Assessment Overview 2016-17 - The purpose of this LiveBinder is to provide easy access to information for educators regarding all student assessments. The specific tabs at the top provide test administration information for District Administration and teachers.
ADE Data Center where you can access ASIS for AIP's and the StudentGPS System.

You will need your 7203login and password.
ADE Student Assessment Recorded Webinars
Collection of manuals, guides, and help sheets, including:
• TestNav Tools (with illustrated examples)
• Braille Notes for Room Supervisor
Spanish Language Audio Directions
• ACT Aspire Calculator Policy
Landing Page
This ACT Aspire Pearson site includes resources and links that will help you learn about, prepare for, and deliver the ACT Aspire assessment. This is considere the ACT Aspire Landing Page.
ACT Aspire Discover home page with product descriptions as well as training information.
Exemplar Items
The ACT Aspire exemplar test questions can be accessed online.  Click here for more information on testing logins and passwords using Test Nav 8.
Training Managment System
Collection of Summative and Periodic Testing videos for training purposes.  The first time you access this site, enter your email and then quickly register with your email and first and last name.  We can assign the videos and participants will receive a certificate when completed.