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an informational site where we will be posting current ACT and ACT Aspire information. Be sure to check back often for current information and updates. 

TestNav Not Working? 
See troubleshooting techniques below:

Download TestNav 8 version 1.5.2
On Windows machines: Best practice is to make sure the Symantec Agent is running and to update TestNav through the Agent. 

Otherwise, you can Delete the old TestNav first, then use the msi installer from link above to install an updated TestNav App!

For Chromebooks, follow these steps to update TestNav:

If you happen upon a Chromebook that will not launch TestNav from the login screen and gets stuck on “Initializing,” it’s most likely due to that Chromebook still needing to run ChromeOS updates.

1.   Log in to the Chromebook.
2.   Open the Chrome browser.
3.   Click on the menu button near the upper right-hand corner of the window (looks like 3 dots).
4.   Select Settings near the bottom of the menu.
5.   Select “About Chrome OS" at the top of the window.
6.   It opens a page that displays the version you’re running and has a “Check for Updates” button.
7.   Click the button.
8.   Once it finishes downloading, a “Restart” button will appear.  Click that.
9.   When it comes back up, try running TestNav again from the login screen



3rd Interim Assessment Schedule

The Third Interim Assessment window will open on:

Monday, March 27th through Friday, April 6th.

This year we are testing Math during the three Periodic Testing windows. 

Periodic Assessment Guide - contains all information for Room Supervisors during Interim Testing

PD Sign in Sheet for Testing

Security Agreement for Room Supervisor

Logging into Windows machines for testing, you can use the login and password that was created for the district:

  • User Login: act.user
  • Password: T3stonline

Test Session Naming Convention 

The state has asked us to use a particular naming convention when creating test sessions.

Example test session name: 


  • 05 represents the grade 
  • M stands for Math with underscore – (M-Math, E-English, R-Reading, S-Science, W-Writing) 
  • MJONES is the teacher's first initial last name followed by an underscore 
  • Location - LIBRARY or other room descriptor, period number, all acceptable. 

Arkansas Periodic Assessment Schedule 2016-17 

Testing Times for ACT Aspire Summative

The ADE is pleased to announce that, due to numerous conversations with ACT, the writing times for the ACT Aspire assessment have been increased. Grades 3-5 will have an increased time of 15 minutes making the writing assessment allowed time 45 minutes, and grades 6-10 will increase by 10 minutes making the writing allowed time 40 minutes. These changes will go into affect for the spring 2016-2017 administration and beyond and are in effect for all students across the nation taking the ACT Aspire.