• What are the criteria for us testing home-bound students?
    No defined criteria, however, every student not tested counts against us.

• Use of Chrome books/IPAD
    We now know that Chromebooks AND iPads can be used for testing with ACT Aspire

• Definition of “small group”
    For Human Read Aloud, a small group is 5.
    For "small group" accommoodation, the number is 10.
    For extended time, the number is less than a normal classroom size.
• Extended time – define
    3x the time and must finish at the end of the day and define end of the school day.  Can have as many breaks as wanted.

• Who will enter PNP?
   PNP information will be completed in an Excel file and imported into the ACT Aspire Portal.

• Earbuds, who will provide?
    Earbuds or headphones will not be necessary. The exception will be designated PNP students. There are no videos in this test.

• Is there a specific order to give tests?
    No, the school will determine the order of the tests.

• Who will do Portfolios?
    5, 7 and 10 (Structured Learning- Science Portfolio)

• When will interim assessments be ready?
     December 1st. Should plan on January.

• Question on QUALLS language to use?
    All tests must be given in English.
• What is the opt out procedure?
    There is no “opt out” for the ACT Aspire. Students taking the ACT may “opt out”

• Are PNP imported or will we do student by student?
    PNP information can be completed in an Excel file and imported into the ACT Aspire portal

• Minutes tested is actual testing time
    Yes, there will be a timer on each test and the timer will automatically shut the test down at the end of the time allocated for the test. Should the student finish early they will be able to submit. 

• Calculators ACT/Department of Education making decision
    Any calculator can be used that is not on the list provided. See Technical Information.

• What is the turn-around time on results?
    ACT Aspire test results will be returned to the district in July.

• Can we submit a waiver for the campus to give a paper test to all students?
    All students in the Fayetteville Public Schools will take the ACT Aspire on line.
    The ACT will be paper/pencil.

• If a class finishes a test before the time is up, can they go on to the next test?
    No, you must wait until the end of the testing time for a specific assessment,

• How is the test normed?
    The test is not normed.

• If everyone finishes a test can you move on to the next test?
    There is timing device on each test, therefore you cannot move to the next test until the total 
    time for each test has elapsed.

• Is the writing test done in writing or on computer?
    All student work will be completed on the computer.

• Make-up, when will they be done for those absent?
    This will be a campus decision.

• ACT accommodations- procedure to follow?
    The accommodations for the ACT are the same as for any other ACT test given on National test dates.

• FHS will give the paper test for the ACT?
    Yes, the ADE has been notified you will be giving the paper test.

• What type of calculator?
    No, any junior student or parent can opt-out on the ACT. The form has not been developed.

• Certified substitutes in the building for testing help?
    To be determined building by building

• Can you test by teams or must you test by grade level?
    Testing will be done by grade level.