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Choir Classes offered in Fayetteville:

Junior High
Concert Women
Concert Men
Women's Select
Men's Select

9th Grade
Varsity Women
Junior Varsity Women
Varsity Men

High School
Concert Women
Men's Select
Women's Select
A Cappella

Contact Information:

Ramay Choir:
Directors: Chris Michaels & Erin Schlabach
Office phone: 479-445-1106
After hours & text line: 479-310-0654
Email: chris.michaels@fayar.net/erin.schlabach@fayar.net

Woodland Choir:
Directors: Katy Housh & Erin Schlabach
Office phone: 479-445-1259
Email: katy.housh@fayar.net/erin.schlabach@fayar.net

FHS Choir:
Directors: Dawnelle Fincher & Leann Girshner
Office phone: 479-445-1168
Email: dawnelle.fincher@fayar.net/leann.girshner@fayar.net