Technology resources for the ag ed classroom

Prezi: A free, web-based interactive presentation tool

Glogster: A web-based tool that allows students to create interactive posters (free and paid versions available) (paid version)

Spicy Nodes: A free, web-based concept mapping and organizational tool A free web-based brainstorming tool

Moodle: A paid, web-based program through Google that allows teachers to create paperless online classrooms

EdModo: A free, web-based site that allows teachers to host and create paperless online class pages

iLife: Software available for Mac computers that allows students and teachers to create photo albums, music, and movies

WordPress: A free, web-based blogging site

Twitter: A free, web-based social media tool for sharing small pieces of information very quickly

Wikipedia: A free, web-based encyclopedia (not always 100% accurate because anyone can add and edit its entries)

Animoto: A free, web-based tool that allows students to turn their photos and video clips into polished final products
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