Docs & Drive

is the document sharing and editing tool powered by Google and is provided to ESU Students, Employees and Retired Employees.

This will allow users to create their own Google documents and will provide them with five gigabytes of storage which can be used to store their Google docs as well as files from the user’s computer.  For information on specifics of document size, see Google's FAQ.

Key Facts:

  • Your username for Drive is the same as your e-mail: for students and retirees for current employees
  • You have 5 GB of storage
  • Keep your drive after you graduate or are no longer a student.*
  • You can access your Drive on most mobile devices, tablets and via a web browser
  • Drive features the ability to create documents and store them accross multiple platforms
  • Drive allows users to share their files with others and grants them the ability to give other users access to their drive. Share a file or collaborate on a document with anyone that has an e-mail address. It doesn't have tobe another ESU student!
  • Edit docs when not connected to the Internet! (others apps available soon)
Google Drive App Downloads and Instructions:

Exploring Google Drive

*Retired employees will need to request a separate Google "" account and upload any content to the new Google Drive.  Employees no longer employed by ESU will lose access to all Google services under the "" login.