Which badge do you want?

It's not really about the badges. It's about what happens with your students.

"My students utilize their Google Drive accounts in a variety of ways. They upload, share and store photos. They use it to maintain an ongoing photography journal that they've shared with me. They also use it to work together on required class assignments."

Will Milne - ATC - Google Drive

"I have used Google classroom since the beginning of the school year. Most recently, I have used google classroom on a major writing assignment. I broke the paper down into sections. Students submit a few paragraphs at a time as well as their research notes. I am able to review and leave comments for them to use for the next section. On some occasions, I am able to offer editing suggestions to students as they work on the paper in class from my own computer. I can also post whole-class comments and announcements. It's all pretty neat." Check out some examples here and here.

Cassandra Ray - Guyer HS - Google Classroom

"We use BlendSpace every day during on Language Arts time. Our literacy and letter work includes a letter of the week song, a Sesame Street podcast, online flashcards, and a slideshow of important words that start with the letter of the week." Check it out here.

Suan Ingison - McNair ES - Blendspace

"I have a Twitter account: @MrsNelsonHMS, and I send tweets out to my students and parents that follow me to remind them of upcoming tests, projects or other important announcements about my class."

Teresa Nelson - Harpool MS - Twitter

"We use Plickers primarily as a formative assessment (not weighted in grade book) either before instruction, during, or after. It let's us know if it's time for a summative."

Kevin Zahner - Denton HS - Plickers

"I use the iPad to record students and play back for students to critique their own playing." 

Sara Bollinger - Calhoun MS - iPads