Lesson Ideas

 Ideas for i Pods and iTouches

      • Announcements (in English and Spanish)

      • Reader’s Theater

      • Homework Podcasting – put it on the website instead of typing it

      • Dual Language Podcast

      • Bookcast

      • Daily Forecast or News (quick and simple)

      • Images with audio – draw pics and then put voice to it

      • Semester review

      • Deaf education (using vodcast) – kids are taped telling story with sign language

      • Musical instrument examples (for band)

      • Review a class trip, field trip or lesson

      • Load Quizzes or tests onto iTouches

      • Read aloud tests or quizzes on iPods or iTouches

      • Find premade I Tunes University Podcasts or Vodcasts

      • Find premade Podcasts on ITunes

      • Create a class podcast that you update each week

      • Tape yourself doing part of a lesson

      • Add student created projects for other students to watch and evaluate.


I Pod in Education
Pre-K Lesson Ideas
I Touch Ideas in the Classroom
Record yourself teaching part of a lesson
Record your students teaching a lesson or presenting a project
Use Poll Everywhere while teaching a lesson
Find videos on iTunes University or I Tunes about topic
Create a Reader's Guide for a chapter in a book or textbook
Create a test or quiz (you can read the quiz too if you want)
Use them as part of a station lesson
Students can use dictionary.com to look up vocab before a new lesson
Use the whiteboard app so students can communicate across the room with each other
Use the Whiteboard app to have students answer questions during a lesson
Use Hoccer to send directions to groups that are working together
Use the Hoccer app to send pictures and have students journal about them
Have students listen to you read a chapter of a book or lesson
Find an Application that you like and use it
Have students create an Animoto about a lesson and then have students watch all

   Create a Google Form on Google docs and then students can fill it out on the I Touch

For language arts I like to do a game called crosstalk
- write a word on the whiteboard
- another student thinks up a different word that is a synonym, perhaps better for elaboration
Download videos: (here are some websites to get videos from)
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