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Book TitleBook AuthorLink to TrailerType of BookStudent NameStudent Grade LevelSchool Year Created
Book TitleBook AuthorLink to TrailerType of BookStudent NameStudent Grade LevelSchool Year Created
Alchemyst Michael Scott click here  Chapter Book Abhi B 2011-12 
Alex Rider Ark Angel Anthony Horwitz click here Chapter Book Abhi B 2011-12 
Alvin Ho Book One Lenore Look click here Chapter Book Jett B 2011-12 
Alvin Ho Book Two Lenore Look click here Chapter Book Grant S 2011-12 
Babymouse Burns Rubber Jennifer & Matthew Holm click here Chapter Book Hannah D 2011-12 
Bear Called Paddington Michael Bond click here Chapter Book Bailey L 2011-12 
Because of Winn Dixie Kate DiCamillo click here Chapter Book Lexi G 2011-12 
Beware of the Snowman R. L. Stine click here Chapter Book Frank A 2011-12 
Big Field Mike Lupica click here Chapter Book Maguire M 2011-12 
Big Nate in a Class by Himself Lincoln Pierce click here Chapter Book Afrida R 2011-12 
Bone:Crown of Horns Jeff Smith click here Chapter Book Dylan M 2011-12 
Bone: Old Man's Cave Jeff Smith click here Chapter Book Caden W 2011-12 
Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows Jaqueline West click here Chapter Book Tanvi K 2011-12 
Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows Jaqueline West click here Chapter Book Caitlin R 2011-12 
Books of Elsewhere: The Shadows  Jaqueline West click here Chapter Book Sneha B. 2011-12 
Books of Elsewhere:The Shadows Jaqueline West click here Chapter Book Brianna Z 2011-12 
Brixton Brothers The Case of Mistaken Idenity Mac Barnett click here Chapter Book Ian O 2011-12 
Brixton Brothers The Case Of The Mistaken Identity Mac Barnett click here Chapter Book Taylor B 2011-12 
Capture (Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book 1) Kathryn Lasky click here Chapter Book Sumedh C 2011-12 
Cats of Roxville Station Jean Craighead George click here Chapter Book Elizabeth F 2011-12 
Charlotte's Web E. B. White click here Chapter Book Toni D Teacher 2011-12 
Delicious Helen Cooper click here Picture Book Alyssa R 2011-12 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jeff Kinney click here Chapter Book Jaqueline Z 2011-12 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days Jeff Kinney click here Chapter Book Hayden M 2011-12 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth Jeff Kinney click here Chapter Book Saul V 2011-12 
Diary of Wimpy Kid: Dog Days Jeff Kinney click here Chapter Book Bridger O 2011-12 
Dragon Rider Cornelia Funke click here Chapter Book Aaditya V 2011-12 
Dying to Meet You Kate Klise click here Chapter Book Veena P 2011-12 
Dying to Meet You Kate Klise click here Chapter Book Nathan N 2011-12 
Dying To Meet You Kate Klise click here Chapter Book Garrison S 2011-12 
Earthquake Terror Peg Kehret click here Chapter Book Paige S 2011-12 
Edge Chronicles: Beyond the Deepwoods Paul Stewart click here Chapter Book Joshua W 2011-12 
Eragon Christopher Paolini click here Chapter Book Rohith K 2011-12 
Eragon Christopher Paolini click here Chapter Book Joshua H 2011-12 
Falling In Frances O'Roark Dowell click here Chapter Book Carly P 2011-12 
Flyte Angie Sage click here Chapter Book Deepika K 2011-12 
Found (The Missing: Book 1) Margaret Peterson click here Chapter Book Mounica A 2011-12 
Gregor & the Code of Claw Suzanne Collins click here Chapter Book Jacob B 2011-12 
Guardians of Ga'Hoole Book Two: The Journey Kathryn Lasky click here Chapter Book Calan C 2011-12 
Half Blood Prince J. K. Rowling click here Chapter Book Adam W 2011-12 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. K. Rowling click here Chapter Book Jack T 2011-12 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. K. Rowling click here Chapter Book Hayden C 2011-12 
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows J. K. Rowling click here Chapter Book Regan K 2011-12 
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows J.K. Rowling click here Chapter Book Hayden C. 2011-12 
Hatchet Gary Paulsen click here Chapter Book Rachael K 2011-12 
Hatchet Gary Paulsen click here Chapter Book Rudransh D 2011-12 
Haunted Waters Jerry B. Jenkins click here Chapter Book Landon F 2011-12 
Heat Mike Lupica click here Chapter Book John C 2011-12 
Heaven is for Real Todd Burpo click here Chapter Book Maguire M 2011-12 
Hi! Fly Guy Tedd Arnold click here Picture Book Debra M Librarian 2011-12 
Jessica Kevin Henkes click here Picture Book Caroline D 2011-12 
Journal of William Thomas Emerson Barry Denenburg click here Chapter Book Hudson B 2011-12 
Kit Feeny Michel Townsend click here Chapter Book Brock B 2011-12 
Lost Hero Rick Riordan click here Chapter Book Uly D 2011-12 
Lost Hero Rick Riordan click here Chapter Book Anna P 2011-12 
Luv YA Bunches Lauren Myracle click here Chapter Book Danyelle S 2011-12 
Math Curse Jon Sieszka & Lane Smith click here Picture Book Vedin B 2011-12 
Mockingjay Suzanne Collins click here Chapter Book Anisa N 2011-12 
Moonshadow: Rise of the Ninja Simon Higgins click here Chapter Book Blake D 2011-12 
My Life as a 5th Grade Comedian Elizabeth Levy click here Chapter Book Austin T 2011-12 
Pee Wee's Tale Johanna Hurwitz click here Chapter Book Jalen R 2011-12 
Rangers Apprentis: The Battle for Skandia John Flanagan click here Chapter Book Joseph K 2011-12 
Red Pyramid Rick Riordan click here Chapter Book Calan C 2011-12 
Sea of Monsters Rick Riordan click here Chapter Book Nikheil P 2011-12 
Series of Unfortunate Events: A Bad Beginning Lemony Snicket click here Chapter Book Reese B 2011-12 
Shark vs. Train Chris Barton click here Picture Book Yohanna G 2011-12 
Shark vs. Train Chris Barton click here Picture Book Megan V 2011-12 
So B. It Sarah Weeks click here Chapter Book Sadie P 2011-12 
Summer of the Monkeys WIlson Rawls click here Chapter Book Sahana R 2011-12 
Tale of Despereaux Kate DiCamillo click here Chapter Book Michelle O 2011-12 
Titans Curse Rick Riordan click here Chapter Book Jordan L 2011-12 
Trapped in Death Cave Bill Wallace click here Chapter Book Lexi B 2011-12 
Turtle in Paradise Jennifer L Holm click here Chapter Book Dianaly B 2011-12 
Underneath Kathi Appelt click here Chapter Book Sunny L 2011-12 
When You Reach Me Rebbecca Stead click here Chapter Book Arianna C 2011-12 
Whole Nother Story Dr. Cuthbert Soup click here Chapter Book Sruthi A 2011-12 
Witch's Guide to Cooking with Children Keith McGowan click here Chapter Book Stanley K 2011-12 
World According to Kaley Dian C. Regan click here Chapter Book Hillary B 2011-12 
Showing 78 items