Schedule & Policies

1st Period: JV Soccer
2nd Period: Debate
3rd Period: Credit Recovery Lab
4th Period: Credit Recovery Lab
5th Period: Credit Recovery Lab
6th Period: Conference
7th Period: Varsity Soccer

Communication Applications


What to expect:

1.                  Gain Confidence.

2.                  Learn to speak well.

3.                  Learn to listen well.

4.                  Learn to think and speak logically.

5.                  Become comfortable in a public speaking setting.


Examples of Speeches you may be required to perform:

1.                  Introduction of Self

2.                  Campaign

3.                  Debate

4.                  Oral Interpretation

5.                  Impromptu

6.                  Demonstration

7.                  Accomplishments

8.                  Goals/Dreams

9.                  Opinion

10.              Freedom of Speech

11.              Radio/TV Advertising

12.              Humorous

13.              Persuasive

14.              Poetry

15.              Class Discussions


You will be expected to perform a speech about once a week.  Everyone is expected to give speeches, and to be involved with class discussions.


Grading and Late Work Policy

Assignment on Time = Full Credit

1 Day Late = 80% Credit

2 Days Late = 60% Credit

More than 2 Days Late = 50% Credit


If you do not perform your speech, the best possible grade you can receive is a 50 (If Speech is written and handed in).  Speeches must be made up in class, and not before school.


Rules in my class are very simple.  If you should not be doing something…then don’t!  If you use common sense, then we will get along just fine.  If you are not using common sense, then we may have some problems to work out.



1.                  Notebook

2.                  Pen or Pencil

3.                  Textbook

4.                  Assignments