I am very excited about this year:))

We have so many awesome things to learn.

I teach Pre-AP and regular 6th grade math.

If you need to reach me:

EMAIL: kathleen.bryand@comalisd.org

Phone: 830-885-8800 --SBMS

830-885-8826 --- my classroom---you will only be able to leave a message at this number.

Some important things to remember:

I have tutoring every morning (that I don't have a meeting) at 8:00am. Anyone that needs assistance is welcome to come. Passes are not necessary.

Please be sure to seek help when you do not understand something. We have many things to cover and we move quickly. So if you struggled in class on one day come to tutoring the next morning so that I can clear things up.

Also if you are absent come see me on the first day you return so that I can make sure you understand the concepts that were taught while you were out.