My name is Danielle Trump and I am the counselor at Oak Creek elementary school. I began my educational journey in Galveston as a 5th grade teacher and after 3 wonderful years of teaching, I became a school counselor. I later moved to Houston and continued working as a school counselor and loved every minute of it. My family and I are excited to be in New Braunfels and I am so very happy to be a part of the OCES community. 


As the school counselor, I’m available to assist you and your child when their behavior or emotions are affecting their academic or social performance in school. It is my goal to help students feel that school is a safe place where they can learn, belong, and be successful.


Throughout the school year, I will conduct classroom guidance lessons on ways to be successful at school, home, with friends, and in the community. I think guidance lessons are the foundation to building a positive working relationship with students and best part of my job!


In addition to classroom guidance lessons, small group or individual counseling is also available. All ongoing counseling is provided only with parent knowledge and written consent. Topics may include dealing with parent’s divorce, bullying, keeping safe, managing feelings, friendship, self-esteem, responsibility, goal setting, loss of a loved one, and other topics as needed. All groups are formed based on the need and consent from each individual student’s parent. The goal of group counseling is to provide a supportive environment to a group of children with similar needs, and whose behavior and/or emotions are affecting his/her school performance.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. Life is a balance and I am here to help.


Contact Information:
Danielle Trump 
Phone number: 830-837-7209