Welcome to 7th Grade Math

Hey everyone.  We are the 7th grade math team.  If you are needing to get a hold of us, here is our contact information:

    Mrs. Jessica Carollo
        Email: jessica.carollo@comalisd.org
        Room: 309
    Mrs. Erin Torres
        Email: erin.torres@comalisd.org
        Room: 310

If you are needing to contact by phone, you can call us at 830.221.2300.

We are here for your student.  If they need tutoring, we will be available every morning from 8:15 - 8:40, and every afternoon by appointment only.  Great thing about our team is if their  teacher is not available for tutoring, your student can go to the other teacher for help.  We work on the same material at the same time everyday.