Peer-Assisted Learning Sessions

Peer-Assisted Learning Session Schedule will return for Fall semester.  Until then, feel free to use resources on PAL leader pages if you are in classes this summer.  

Make your own study group or check the ASC Website for the tutoring schedule.

PAL Sessions will resume August 27, 2017.

Remember - if you cannot attend your section's Peer-Assisted Learning sessions, you are welcome to attend the sessions for another section of that course! 
Peer Assisted Learning Session
Student Testimonials: 

The leader really helped me understand problems by not just giving me the answer but letting me think about ways of solving the problems while leading me towards the next steps to completely solve a problem."

"[PAL] for me is not optional, but a MUST! I literally add this into my academic plans throughout my semester!"

"Studying efficiently and not wasting time."

"I enjoy [PAL] sessions because it forces you to talk aloud about the material, and doing this shows you if you really know the material. It is also helpful to see how other students approach problems solving."