Welcome! I am a PhD candidate of economics at Clemson University. My research is primarily in monetary economics, with a focus in the risk channel of monetary policy. I am also interested in the spillovers of unconventional monetary policy and foreign central bank responses to Quantitative Easing. My other research areas are in economic growth and development, and am conducting research in the differences between black and white schooling during segregation in the United States. 

My job market paper investigates the risk channel of monetary policy and how risky bank lending responds to monetary policy shocks. I use a sign-restricted VAR to identify monetary policy shocks across various monetary policy regimes and compare the responses between regimes. My job market paper is available here.

I am on the job market in 2019-2020.

Contact Information

John E. Walker Department of Economics

Clemson University

Sirrine 217

Clemson, SC 29634

E-mail: jchoque@g.clemson.edu

Phone: (912) 342-9582