10/18/12-Press Maintenance

posted Oct 18, 2012, 9:04 AM by Heather Malone
Today, I spent a couple of hours in the Godfrey advanced press lab with Dr. Weisenmiller, and we went over a lot of different things. Today was more of a lecture day than a lab day. We went over how to identify rollers, how to set roller pressures on the Heidelberg MOZ and the Heidelberg DI, measurements of the rollers in metric units, paper measurements in metric units, and how to measure the thickness of paper. Dr. Weisenmiller gave me some handouts to study of press diagrams and rollers, as well as some websites to study for paper conversions and press conversions in metric units, because we learned from Dr. Klarecki at GraphEXPO that everything at WorldSkills will be in metric units. I am therefore having to re-learn everything I ever knew about paper and presses, but that's alright. We also discussed the possibility of getting me to Heidelberg in Kennesaw, GA, for training sometime during the Summer I semester. We have scheduled a type of "midterm" for next week, to test what I have learned so far, and so that Dr. Weisenmiller can send a report of my progress to Dr. Ingram.

Log: 10:00am-12:00pm, 2 hours