10/02/12-Intern Employer Day

posted Oct 2, 2012, 4:42 PM by Heather Malone
Today was intern employer day for graphic communications students here at Clemson. I spent my morning from 11:00-2:30 in the Hendrix Student Center Ballroom speaking with potential employers. I have decided that although Heidelberg has been an amazing sponsor over the years, their internships are not what I am looking for. The internships they offer are in marketing and design, and they don't offer anything dealing with the production side of things. 

I am hoping to hear back from Consolidated Graphics in Greenville, SC, because they have a 6-color Komori that I would be running, but I am really anxious to hear back from LineMark, out of Washington, D.C. The internship they usually hire for is for a Customer Service Representative role, but after speaking with me and interviewing me, they are considering offering me an internship in production. I made sure to let the interviewer know that I will need a few days off for the WorldTeam meeting over the spring, and he said that their company is very supportive of extra-curricular activities, especially of that caliber, and that it wouldn't be an issue. Plus, if I get this, I will already be in Washington, D.C. and won't have to worry about travel to the national headquarters for the team building exercises and international etiquette training. He sounded really excited about getting some fresh eyes on the press floor, and I am really excited about making that happen.

Other companies I spoke with include: Avery Dennison, Campus Banner+Design, Classic Graphics, ColorCraft of Virginia, Copac Global Packaging, Jones Solutions Company, and Sancoa International.

I also spoke with Quad/Graphics, who sounded very interested in my resumé, however they only offer summer internships, which I can't do this year because of WorldSkills. I am definitely keeping them in mind for next summer, especially with how much involvement they've had with SkillsUSA. They definitely sounded interested in what talent I could offer to the company.

Overall, my experience at Intern Employer Day was excellent. I made several contacts, learned a lot about industry, and hopefully got my foot in the door with several places. When I mentioned that my interests lay in the print and production side of the industry, most of the companies I spoke to were very surprised. They said it was refreshing to see a face that wanted to go into production instead of marketing or design. LineMark said that I would hear from them by next Monday, so I should know something by the time I get back from GraphEXPO. Wish me luck!

Log: 11:00am-2:30pm, 3.5 hours
Heather Malone,
Oct 2, 2012, 4:43 PM