1. Data at CCGT:

1.1 Business Analyst, Community Analyst

All business locations (hospitals, markets, specialists)

All US Census and ACS detail data, including market expenditures.

1.2 Consumer Spending

1.3 ESRI Data and Maps

GIS Network Drive: 


How to connect: Computer - Map Network Drive - \\\group\Apps\CCGT. Use your as the username.

Important data folders:

  • Data and Maps 2017
    • Basic Census data
    • Transportation
    • Hospitals, schools
  • ESRI_Data_2017


International portals

Millennium Development Goals
Health, nutrition and population statistics
Improved water sources, improved sanitation facilities

Maternal Mortality Rate, Infant Mortality Rate, Life expectancy at birth, total fertility rate, health expenditures, HIV/AIDS, obesity, children under 5 underweight, education expenditures, unemployment.

Portal that collects and displays data interactively from UNAIDS, International Labour Organization, World Bank, OECD, Lancet, World Health Organization, WDI, Forbes, and many others.
Data includes: tuberculosis, HIV deaths, newborn deaths, bad teeth per child, breast cancer, body mass index, child mortality, water withdrawal, underweight children, under-five mortality, urban poverty, total health spending per person
SDGs, Access to Health Care, Adult Mortality, Anemia, Birth Registration, Child Discipline, Child Labor, Child Mortality Rates,...

Agricultural producer price indices, total emissions, air and climate change, agri-environmental indicators, burning crop residues, emissions, capital stock, commodity balances, livestock and fish, fertilizers, food supply, forest land, human demography, land and irrigation, etc.

National government websites

US Government Open Data:
Geospatial Platform:
CDC National Center for Health Stats:
National Center for Education Statistics
Environmental Protection Agency:
USGS Earth Explorer (land cover):
           Climate data:

Health Resources and Services Administration Data Warehouse
Health Data Tools and Statistics - Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce - USGS National Map Viewer - DHS Spatial Data Repository - National Center for Education Statistics (schools with lat/long) - National Cancer Institute - GIS data sources - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - GIS

South Carolina portals

Department of Health and Environmental Control
  • Health Facilities, Food Facilities, Air Monitoring Stations, Air Regulated Facilities, Non-commercial recycling sites, solid waste landfills, 
South Carolina Health Data (visual, no data)

Local GIS or city planning departments
Greenville County GIS

Universities or state clearinghouses

Libraries (online business databases)

Carnegie Library
ArcGIS Online

Historic GIS websites

Google Searches

30+ million Internet search results


• add the name of the state, county, or city to the search. For example, to find Austin, Texas, search by the county name Travis, Texas

• Search for specific data types, for example “shapefiles”

• Search for “downloadable” data