Instructor: Ioannis Karamouzas

Teaching Assistant: Pei Xu

Class: Tu/Th 5pm - 6:15pm, WFIC 310

Office: ZGEC 510, McAdams 307

Office Hours: Tu/Th 3pm-4pm at McAdams 109    

The best way to contact the staff is through Canvas or email. I’m also generally available if you have questions about the course, or just want to chat about new ideas. I will divide my time between the Clemson main campus, and the Charleston campus. Whenever I'm not physically present, we can always Skype if you let me know in advance. 

Course available on Canvas


This course will provide an introduction to many fundamental concepts in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Topics include agents, uninformed and informed search techniques, reinforcement learning, uncertain knowledge and reasoning, supervised learning, and neural networks. The course is suitable for undergraduate and young graduate students that would like to gain a solid theoretical and practical background in intelligent computer systems and will serve as the foundation for more advanced studies in AI.

The class will involve programming assignments in Python, homework quizzes and a final exam. Success in this course requires some programming experience and knowledge of basic computer science principles.