Using CUApps for GIS

What is CUApps?

CUApps is an online platform that allows Clemson students to access a portfolio of software remotely using a web browser. Included in this software portfolio is ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap, and ArcCatalog. Because using CUApps does not require the user to actually download the software being used, ESRI's software can be access regardless of whether you use a Mac or PC.

Accessing GIS Software on CUApps

Navigate to
Login using your Clemson credentials (you will need DUO to access CUApps)
The navigation bar at the top of the page should display three options: Favorites, Desktops, and Apps
Click Apps
All available software is ordered alphabetically; ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcGIS Pro will appear near the top
When you select an app, a new tab will open and boot up the software

Accessing ArcGIS Pro

When you select ArcGIS Pro, it will ask you for your ArcGIS Online account information. 
In the Sign in window, select Enterprise login
The URL for your organization displays. Type clemson in the box that appears so that your ArcGIS organization's URL is:

File Transfer Between Local Machine and CUApps

    1. When you open an application, your session already has your home directory(U: drive) mapped. You can open them in your chosen application as you normally would.
    2. If you have files on your local machine which you need to access in your CUApps session, there is a built in tool to transfer files.
    3. Once you're application is open in another tab, the following icon should be visible on the top of your screen:

                  4. Clicking these three bars opens a toolbar that includes upload and download tools to transfer files between your local and CUApps machines.

                  5. The "cloud with down-pointing arrow" icon allows you to pull files from CUApps to your local machine. The "cloud with up-pointing arrow" icon allows you to upload                           files from your local machine to CUApps

                  *If you'd prefer to navigate your home directory through the file explorer on your local machine, you'll need to have the Clemson VPN and manually map your U: drive.                     See the articles below for more resources:
                            ** Clemson VPN
                            ** Manually Mapping your U: Drive for Windows
                            ** Manually Mapping your U: Drive for Mac

Move text in and out of remote session
  1. You can copy and paste text between the local device and the remote session using ⌘ + C and ⌘ + V.
  2. You can copy and paste only text - not images or files.
Accessing the CCGT Drive

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