FZA Enterprises is a for-profit real estate investment Limited Liability Company that ventures through many different buying, marketing, and selling strategies of residential and commercial properties in order to provide owners and sellers an authentic opportunity to solve and relieve their Real Estate problems.


Founder and President of FZA Enterprises, Farhad Zahir Ahmed, was born in Los Angeles, California, USA on March 26, 1991 to Bashir Ahmed and Shahin Ara Ahmed. He has two younger sisters, Tahseen and Hafsa, born December 25, 1996 and April 04, 2004 respectively.
Farhad spent most of his early childhood being raised in his hometown of L.A. In 2002, his family moved further South to Artesia, CA where Farhad enjoyed a very juvenile adolescence. He graduated from Richard Gahr High School in June 2009, before the family moved once more - this time North - to the Capital of California, Sacramento, where he resides today. There, he attended American River College and received his Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology in May 2014.
After spending a number of years freelancing during college, and a few years working in sales afterward, Farhad discovered that he enjoyed marketing and became motivated for a career in which he can utilize his college education with an idea/product that can truly benefit people's lives - which is why he chose to be a psychologist in the first place.
It didn't take long for Farhad to realize that one marketing product that will never lose its value is Real Estate, the industry that physically forms human civilizations, and so around March 2016, Farhad founded FZA Enterprises.


Since his Freshman year in high school, way before FZA Enterprises was ever conceived, Farhad had already begun branding himself. Adopting the pseudonym "Mister Authentic", he and a group of friends started an independent Desi hip-hop group and became actively involved in many different forms of media/entertainment, including music producing and mixing, graphic design, event promotion, and videography. Around the same time, Farhad and his cousin co-founded their own DJ service, Midnight Productions, which had a very short but successful run. Disillusioned by the realities and current social trends influencing the Music industry, Farhad decided to establish his own label, Authentic Edit, dissolving his ties with all previously associated acts and entities so he could develop his own brand through his own vision.


By the time Farhad finished high school, he had already gained a decent amount of experience in Entertainment and Showbiz. Although he had lost interest in Music specifically, he did discover a skill and passion for graphic and performing arts, including photography and film-making. Going into college, Farhad chose Psychology as his major mainly due to his personal desire to help people through understanding how and why the human mind thinks and feels the way it does. Upon finishing his degree, an unfortunate realization came that there was no existing career within the field that would satisfy this specific aspect of Farhad's passion, and so he went into business for himself under his existing brand, now renamed Authentic Experience Entertainment Artistry, INC - doing business as simply Authentic Experience - with the idea of developing a broad entertainment label of psychologically thought-provoking, intricately sophisticated content.


To simply come up with an idea is never enough. In order to manifest a dream into reality, one must take action. Not all action taken will be correct, one must expect to make mistakesand face failure on multiple occasions - it's all part of the learning curve of success. Mister Authentic has learned this first-hand.Establishing his own business would obviously require having access to capital. Farhad turned to many different local sales teams of different companies and productsin order to gain experience and knowledge of how the marketing world works. He was very pleased to have learned a lot of ideals and philosophies behindsales and marketing that effectively applies to everyday life - validating the notion that it's a fitting industry for someone who has studied Psychology.Eventually, Farhad became frustrated over the fact that he could not find a sales product to market that would also help him make money to support his own business.He finally decided to look into Real Estate - an industry that will never lose its demand and that requires TOP NOTCH marketing that PAYS OFF.Farhad figured he can get involved with Real Estate - whether it's buying, selling, investing long term - to raise the money he needs to fund the building of Authentic Experience,and thus FZA Enterprises was created. Almost immediately, Farhad began networking and making connections with experts that could help and guide him in his goals.


Fortunately, in a very short amount of time after deciding to take on the world of Real Estate and Investing, Farhad was introduced to a community of like-minded entrepreneursthat were all pursuing their own dreams and aspirations while utilizing Real Estate as their leverage for money. Through his new mentor, Jennifer Christensen, Farhad had finally foundexactly what he was looking for, a valuable network stream as well as a platform of unconventional education that would provide the knowledge and trainingthat was essential to not only being successful in Real Estate, but also his entire business structure and operation.

F.Z.A. Enterprises is a proud partner and affiliate of Renatus, LLC!

Renatus is a haven company for entrepreneurs and serves as the greatest Real Estate Investing Education platform in the United States. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Renatus has successfully expanded into a nationwide collective of real estate investors and business owners. This current and up-to-date education has been the primary and dominant source utilized by Farhad Z. Ahmed in the development of his own businesses, andhe continues to use the resources of the community to continue his expansion and give back to the community.
Farhad Z. Ahmed is an active student of the Renatus Education!


"We don't just teach Real Estate Investors, we create Real Estate Investors."

- Bob Snyder (Founder & President of Renatus, LLC)


Thanks to the Renatus community and the education that they provide - tailored for Business Owners, Real Estate Investors, and Marketers -Farhad Z. Ahmed is now the owner of his own company, FZA Enterprises LLC, and is actively providing strategical solutions for real estate owners that require assistance - from Marketing, Wholesaling, to Fix & Flip and even Commercial/Rental Acquisitions.
Thanks to everything being umbrella'd under his original Entertainment brand, Authentic Experience Entertainment Artistry INC, Farhad is also having the time of his lifeputting together fun ideas of how to share his projects through media presentations.