Communication Arts (ELA)

Let's start the new year strong! You are all amazing kiddos, and I love having you in class! 

Parents:  I hold a closed a lunch every Wednesday for those students that owe me work. I will remind students on Monday of each week and give the passes Tuesday or Wednesday. This is not a punishment, but a way to make sure each student is successful in my class. This time can also be used for students who need any extra help, instruction, or retakes. 

Miss Benton and I are the sponsors for National Junior Honor Society, which is a national club for high achieving students who want to serve our school and community. One of the best benefits for 7-4 students is that we hold homework help after school (almost) every Tuesday and Thursday. The 8th grade NJHS students come and help/tutor anyone that needs any sort of help. PLUS... we are both usually there to help/answer questions.  
GC - Google Classroom 
WNB - Writer's Notebook
ELA- ELA Handbook (pinkish section)
GG - Grammar Guide (green section)
NRI - No Red Ink 
IRB- Independent Reading Book
Paper or Project Due

Monday 2/26: Discuss text source #2. Video source #3. Text Source #3. 
Tuesday 2/27: Text Source #3 mini check. Central idea throw down. "Twitter" activity. 
Wednesday 2/28: 
Thursday 3/1: 
Friday 3/2: 

Monday 2/19: NO SCHOOL - Presidents' Day 
Tuesday 2/20: Test REDO question. Discuss Text Source #1. HW: Infographic #1 
Wednesday 2/21: Return participle practice - redo opportunity. Discuss inforgraphic #1-2. Partner share infographic #3-4. 
Thursday 2/22: Surprising Fact on Padlet. Video Source #2. Text Source #2. NRI (No Red Ink) -modifier practice

DUE 2/27

Friday 2/23: Text Source #2 mini check. Discuss central idea. NRI (No Red Ink) -modifier practice

DUE 2/27

Monday 2/12: "Annabel Lee" analysis and assessment. Vocab day 10.  
Tuesday 2/13: Vocab day 3.  "Annabel Lee" discussion. Theme practice. 
Wednesday 2/14: "Peeking Pupils." Vocab day 9-hw. 
Thursday 2/15: Vocab day 6. WNB. Video source #1 - everything due tomorrow.  
Friday 2/16: Vocab Test. Text source #1. 

Monday 2/5: "The Highwayman" comprehension check. Vocab days 4 and 5. 
Tuesday 2/6: Modifiers notes. WNB- Poe quotes. Poe background. 
Wednesday 2/7: Misplaced/Dangling modifiers practice - page 28 GG. WNB. "The Bells" - stanza 1 and 2. WNB. Finish "The Bells" - due Friday. 
Thursday 2/8:  Library Day
Friday 2/9: Vocab day 2. "The Bells" Socratic Seminar- reflection sheet due Mon. 

Monday 1/29 Vocab review. Poetry notes. "Gentlemen of the Road" 
Tuesday 1/30:Vocab test WNB entry."The Highwayman" - part 1 
Wednesday 1/31: CD-CX test  Vocab Unit 3, Series 2, Day 1. Discuss "The Highwayman" part 1. 
Thursday 2/1:  "The Highwayman" part 2 - due tomorrow
Friday 2/2: Socratic Seminar - "The Highwayman" - reflection sheet due Mon. Participle practice. 

Monday 1/122 Letter writing - due Wed. Library. HW: "Pride" annotations and questions 
Tuesday 1/23: Vocab day 5 (participles and participial phrases). Discuss "Pride". Letter due tomorrow. 
Wednesday 1/24:  Participle practice. Vocab day 11. "Abraham, Martin, and John" 
Thursday 1/25:  RFK/MLK Unit Test. Sentence practice. 
Friday 1/26: Letter sharing. Vocab day 7. 
CD-CX test on Tues. 1/30.  
Vocab test on Mon.  1/29 

Monday 1/15 NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - please remember what he stood for, and how we can follow his lead! 
Tuesday 1/16: Snow Day 
Wednesday 1/17:  Vocab day 9. Martin Luther King Jr. biography video and drag and drop assignment (all but 1st hour). 
Thursday 1/18:  Vocab day 8. MLK quote analysis. WNB assignment. - anything not finished is hw. 
Friday 1/19: CD-CX sentence practice - hw. Introduce and assign letter assignment - due Wed. 1/24. 

Monday 1/8 Vocab day 6. Review article 1. Complete article: "Money Can Buy Happiness, If It Is an Experience" - hw if not done in class. 
Tuesday 1/9: Vocab day 3 and 4. Photo analysis - discuss. RFK quote analysis with partner. (2nd hour - quote analysis for hw). 
Wednesday 1/10: Vocab day 2 (finish for hw). Give back and review quizzes. Complete quote analysis with partner. Mentimeter. RFK's speech. 
Thursday 1/11: Early Release. Review/Grade vocab day 2. Close Read RFK's speech. 
Friday 1/12: Speech analysis- finish for hw. 

Monday 1/1:  NO SCHOOL 
Tuesday 1/2: NO SCHOOL 
Wednesday 1/3: NO SCHOOL 
Thursday 1/4: WNB - About your break and New Year's Resolution. One word resolution bubble. 
Friday 1/5: Vocab Unit 3, Series 1, Day 1. WNB - Can money buy happiness?. Mentimeter. Article (on Galileo) - finish for hw.