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How to Locate a Book

1. Search the online catalog from any computer in the school by clicking on the EHS library icon.
 2. The screen below will appear. Search by author, title, series, or subject.
3. A list of books that match your search term will appear on the screen. Select “details” to see a short synopsis of the book. The call number is listed in the library catalog record. 
4. Books can be located by their call number. (See map of library for location by section.) 
  • Fiction books are located on the South side of the library. Look for the fiction sign on the wall.


   On the spines of the fiction books:

    FIC   = Fiction

    HAD = First 3 letters of the author’s name


  • Non-fiction books are located on the west and north sides of the library.  Look for the non-fiction sign on the wall.
  On the spines of the non-fiction books:

  822.3 = Dewey Decimal Classifiction Number

 SHA   = First 3 letters of the author's name

  •  Books in a series are located on the shelves in the middle of the library facing the circulation desk.

  •  Gateway nominees are located in the center of the library and are displayed on the top shelf.
  • See map for other alternative materials located in the library.