Comprehensive Guidance & Counseling at DuBray Middle School

Middle school students are characterized by rapid physical growth, curiosity about their world, and an emerging self-identity. Through a comprehensive developmental school counseling program, counselors work as a team member with school staff, parents, and the community to create a caring, supportive climate and atmosphere whereby young adolescents can achieve academic success.

    Middle school counselors enhance the learning process and promote academic achievement. School counseling programs are essential for students to achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and values, set appropriate career goals and realize full academic potential to become productive, contributing members of the world community.

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    The counseling staff at DuBray Middle School is designed to meet the needs of every student. To achieve this, the counselors transition , following your student as they transition through middle school. This allows a more personalized approach that is sure to provide the best possible guidance. If you have any questions regarding your child's counselor or counseling needs, visit the About Us page for contact information.