Welcome to 7 Purple!

This website will provide you with
important links, calendars, and project information that will help you be successful in 7th grade.
What you need to know...

To be successful this year please come prepared each day for class. You will always need the following items for each of our classes

  • Your textbook (unless it is posted differently on the dry erase board).
  • Pen or Pencil to write with.
  • A red pen to correct with.
  • A highlighter to highlight important information in your notes.
  • Your RED folder for homework assignments.
  • Your assignment notebook to write down your homework.

  •  Math: BLACK binder 
  • Social Studies: WHITE binder
  • ELA: BLUE binder
  • Science: 3-pronged pocket folder

 Our Late Policy
The student will receive a lower percentage on the assignment when it is turned in after the due date.  For all subject area, a late assignment is automatically 25% off. It does not matter if this is the first late assignment or sixth.  If the assignment is not turned in within a week passed the due date, the student will receive a zero on the assignment.

#1 Be on time, on task and prepared to learn everyday.
#2 Keep person electronics put away unless needed for class.
#3 Be responsible for your own learning... this means doing your 
#4 Respect the teacher, the classroom, and other students.
#5 Cleanup after yourself... trash in the trashcan and your personal stuff goes with you. #notyourmaid.

Quick Contact information
Please feel free to contact us personally with questions you have.  Our plan is between 8:15 a.m. - 9:15 a.m.


Social Studies-Mrs. Argent: 


Math-Mrs. Beerman: 


ELA-Mrs. Hooker: 


Science-Mrs. Schlemper:


School phone number: 


Tiffany Schlemper,
Aug 18, 2015, 9:56 AM