About the Library

 The Georgia Elementary and Middle School Library provides resources and information help to approximately 620 students in grades  PreK-8 and approximately 100 faculty and staff.  The mission of the library is to provide the students in Georgia with tools and support that will help them grow into thoughtful and creative individuals.

 Elementary Library Schedule
Students in grades PreK-4 have a weekly scheduled day for book exchange.  However, any Georgia student may visit the library at any time during the school day to do research, exchange their books, or to have a relatively quiet place to read.


Mrs. Lee (A and D)
Mrs. Demar
Mrs. Rowell
Mrs. Moulton
Mrs. Heth


Ms. Sweet (am)
Mrs. Howrigan (am and pm)
Ms. Ferguson (am and pm)
Mrs. Sullivan

Ms. Sweet (pm)
Ms. MacKenzie
Ms. Sikorsky
Mrs. Lee (B)
Mrs. Crepeau
Mrs. Matas


Mrs. Tougas
Mrs. Young
Mrs. Farmer
Mrs. Dattilio
Mrs. Morse


Mrs. Lee (C)

Book Borrowing Information

Usually students  take out one book at a time for one week.

Grade 2 to 4
Students usually take out two books for two weeks.

Grades 5-8
Students generally take out two books at a time for two weeks.  However, students are able to take out more books if needed for projects or other reasons.

If a student wants to keep a book longer than their usual borrowing time they may renew it as long as no one else is waiting for it.  Students may renew a book once without the book in hand.  If they would like to renew a second or third time they need to bring the book back to the library to have it restamped.

Overdue Books
A student with overdue material may not be allowed to take out additional books until the overdue book is returned or, if lost, paid for.  

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